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Showtime The 5 Biggest Future Threats

SMARTPHONE ATTACKS Smartphones such as BlackBerrys, iPhones, and Droids have become the go-to devices for email, text messaging, shopping, and online banking, and the attackers have taken notice. There have been some limited, narrowly focused attacks already, but this will increase signifi cantly in the near future.

MALICIOUS APPS We’ve already seen a few malicious apps that have made their way into the various smartphone app stores, including iTunes and the Android Market. This is incredibly fertile ground for the bad guys, who are interested in compromising as many devices as possible and being as quiet about it as they can. A trojan disguised as a game or an online banking app is a quick way to do just that.

PRE-INFECTED HARDWARE DEVICES There have been a number of examples of USB keys, mobile phones, and even digital photo frames being infected with malware before they leave the factory. Expect to see more of this, including malware pre-installed on laptop hard drives, in the years ahead, because a small payment for every device infected is an easy way for a low-paid factory worker to make a lot of money quickly.

MAC ATTACKS As the Mac platform’s popularity continues to grow, attackers will focus more and more of their attention on it. Expect to see more malware specifi cally designed to compromise Macs and iPhones as attackers begin to fi gure out useful attack vectors.

HIGHLY TARGETED PHISHING Mass phishing attacks are inefficient and attackers have turned their attention to highly targeted attacks, perhaps against a handful of key employees in a given organization who have access to valuable data. Emails that appear to come from a trusted customer, partner, or colleague and contain malicious PDFs or Excel spreadsheets have been a very successful vector and will continue to spread, especially among sophisticated attack crews with time and resources for reconnaissance.

Dennis Fisher is a security evangelist for Kaspersky Lab Americas.

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