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[Photography] Vignette 2012.05.11 (Android)

Overview: Use 76 customisable photo effects and 57 frames in any combination, to create retro/vintage styles, LOMO/Diana/Holga toy camera styles, Polaroid/instant camera styles and much more.
Requirements: Android OS 1.5+

Plus cross-process, duotone, charcoal, tilt-shift, photo-booth, double-exposure effects and more.

Vignette is also a full-featured camera application:

  1. Take pictures at your cameraÂ’s full resolution, even with effects (paid version only)
  2. Use the flash and front-facing cameras on most devices
  3. Self-timer, time-lapse and steady-shot modes
  4. Digital 10× zoom
  5. Store location data in pictures (geotag)
  6. Use the volume rocker as a shutter button
  7. Launch from the lock screen in Android 4.0+
  8. Remote shutter with Sony Ericsson LiveView
  9. Time- and date-stamp pictures
  10. Rule-of-thirds and golden ratio composition guides
  11. Share pictures via third-party apps

Vignette does not require an internet connection to process pictures like some apps, and does not upload your pictures to a central server like Instagram. Your pictures do not leave your phone until you choose to share them.

What’s in this version:
New: Combine shooting modes, e.g. time-lapse and strip.
Fixed: Vignette scales down imported pictures excessively.
New: On-screen countdown for time-lapse and self timer.
New: Updated user interface.
Fixed: Blank viewfinder on Samsung Galaxy S Advance.



 Download Vignette 2012.05.11 (Android)


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