Race Driver GRID 2008

Race Driver: Grid (stylized as Racedriver GRID, in the Americas, known simply as GRID) is the most recent addition to the TOCA Touring Car series.

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Game Guide

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is a first-person shooter video game developed by Nerve Software and id Software. It was released for the PC on April 3, 2005, as an expansion pack for Doom 3 and on October 5, 2005, for the Xbox video game console.

Games PC; Art Of Murder: Deadly Secrets Final Portable

New Yk city was beaten with a series of murders and the death toll mounting. FBI Agent Nicole Bonnet F to find an advantage it has become impossible as it seems that the victims are all antiques and collects and unrelated to the other.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars 2011

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flight simulator set for World War II scenario +. During his seven campaigns, the player must fly and fight with more than 48 missions.

Tips for Travel Packing

When planning to take a trip, the hard task is packing all the things that you really need and leaving the things that you want. To make your travel packing a whole lot easier, here are a few helpful tips that should help you:

Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

Bad dads and moronic mums: Shocking pictures of the world's worst parents and their very unlucky children

If you've ever sensed humiliated by your mother and father, then extra a thought for this lot.

The terrible youthful people are seen with tobacco holding from their lips, guzzling wines of alcohol, recorded to fixtures and departed holding from cover these sharp “claws”, showing that sometimes mum and dad really don't know best.

In another taken a youthful boy is passed a possibly deadly axe while a happy youthful lady is given a clean, unaware to the fact she is been pushed into the bathroom dish.

One truly wretched dad is seen parading his little boy in a Nazi T-shirt while others mother and father clearly have no issue for their kid's protection making them in the most unsafe roles.

The selection of photos has been taken from the weblog My Parent or guardian Is An Fool. 

Life's a drag: A toddler is seen with a cigarette dangling from her mouth

Booze sorry now? This ginger-haired tot is pictured guzzling a bottle of dad's beer

Dangerous dad: A sniggering father hands his two-year-old an axe

Flushed away: A smiling girl is given a bath in a toilet bowl

Not cool: A toddler is seen perched dangerously on a shelf as he raids the fridge

Hate teacher: A Nazi father dresses his young son in a swastika T-shirt

Hanging out: A hapless toddler dangles from a peg

Keep still: A child continues playing video games despite being duct-taped to a side table

One for the pot: A toddler dressed up as a lobster is stuffed into a saucepan

Beery me: A child's toy shopping trolley is crammed with bottles of booze

Don't shoot: This youngster is seen stuffing the barrel of a gun into its mouth

The stuff of nightmares: A terrified child screams as she is held by a scary clown

Fear factor: Another youngster screams with fright after being clutched by a monster straight out of the Lord of the Rings

Playpen: A miserable-looking child is seen stuffed into a birdcage with a few toys

Hold on tight: Astonished pedestrians watch on as a youngster is forced to clutch a huge board while riding on the back of a bike

Unhappy shopper: A child is wheeled along in a pushchair buried under a mountain of groceries

The slobfather: A lazy dad feeds his tiny baby its bottle with his feet

Monster much: A man in a weird-looking costume appears to take a bite out of a child's head

Get the message: This boy's T-shirt reads: 'I still live with my parents', But I bet he wish he didn't

Glam rags: A youngster poses in a terrible tacky dress. If there was ever a picture likely to come back and haunt a child...

Kid vicious: This hapless lad has been given an appalling pink mohican hairdo

One from the archives: A little youngster gets binned in a cruel stunt from the early days