Race Driver GRID 2008

Race Driver: Grid (stylized as Racedriver GRID, in the Americas, known simply as GRID) is the most recent addition to the TOCA Touring Car series.

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Game Guide

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is a first-person shooter video game developed by Nerve Software and id Software. It was released for the PC on April 3, 2005, as an expansion pack for Doom 3 and on October 5, 2005, for the Xbox video game console.

Games PC; Art Of Murder: Deadly Secrets Final Portable

New Yk city was beaten with a series of murders and the death toll mounting. FBI Agent Nicole Bonnet F to find an advantage it has become impossible as it seems that the victims are all antiques and collects and unrelated to the other.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars 2011

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flight simulator set for World War II scenario +. During his seven campaigns, the player must fly and fight with more than 48 missions.

Tips for Travel Packing

When planning to take a trip, the hard task is packing all the things that you really need and leaving the things that you want. To make your travel packing a whole lot easier, here are a few helpful tips that should help you:

Jumat, 26 September 2014

TweetCaster Pro for Twitter v8.7.2 Apk for Android

TweetCaster has a gorgeous look with an intuitive interface that makes it super easy to use while packing in tons of features. Optimized for both phones and tablets, TweetCaster has been highly praised by users and reviewers.
* Multiple Twitter Accounts – Manage and easily post to multiple Twitter accounts
* Facebook – Simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook
* Notifications – Get notified of new tweets, mentions, messages, or by specific user. Notifications are expandable and actionable on Android 4.1+
* Photo Effects – Add cool filters, effects and captions to photos, as you upload them
* Zip It – Zip annoying tweeters or keywords from your timeline without unfollowing
* Widgets – multiple widgets, including one that is scrollable and sizeable (Android 3.0+)!
* Themes – Twelve vibrant, colorful themes
* Sync between devices – Keep your place in the timeline across multiple devices and web using TweetCaster.com
* Smart Filter – Filter your timeline to look only at tweets with photos, links, videos, or hide retweets or replies
* Search Party – How Twitter search was meant to be! Lets you search just your own timeline, someone else’s, or all of Twitter.
* Smart Lists – The best way to use Twitter Lists, including robust list management and viewing tools
* My Stats – Up-to-the-minute tally of stats includes Most Retweeted, Most Mentioned, Most Favorited, & many more
* Photo previews – View previews and open photos from most image services, including Instagram
* Speak Tweets – Tap microphone on New Tweet screen to speak instead of typing
* Schedule Tweets – Compose a tweet and send later or send to Buffer
* Read Later – Save links to read/view later using Pocket, Instapaper, or Readability
* Streaming – Tweets are streaming in real-time when connect via WiFi
* Readability – View links in Readability mode for a mobile-optimized view
* Color Code Tweets –Color code your Tweets and mentions
* Long Tweets – Use Twitlonger to tweet over 140 characters
* Who to Follow – Suggests people to follow
What People are Saying:
“Nicely designed… Colorful but clean.” – CNET
“Contender for best Twitter app. 5/5 bars.” – Appolicious
“Excellent Twitter client.” – TUAW
“This is the best Twitter app I've found. Very easy to use and very beautiful.” – Che, TweetCaster User (v6.8)

Screenshot :

What's new???
+ Bug fixes
+ Tablet UI improvements
+ Improved Smart Filter usability
+ Twitter lists enhancements
+ Minor UI improvements and fixes
Tablet UI updates
Added the ability to hide RTs when viewing a list
Fixes Flickr image display issue
Performance improvements
* Fixes issue with timeline placement not being maintained in some scenarios
* Fixes issue with avatars and photo previews not loading on 2.x devices
+ Design upgrade for phones
+ Twitpic full images bug fix

Download :

Jumat, 01 Agustus 2014

Gaza men watch as smart bomb blows up building

Remarkable arrangement emerges of Israeli bomb hitting Gaza while association go about their circadian business

It is a account of accustomed circadian active on the bend amid activity and death.
This is the appearance from a characterless artery bend in Gaza as a architecture a block abroad is targeted by Israeli airforce acute bombs.
In the aboriginal in a alternation of arresting images carrying crisis and cruel circadian life, a laser-guided missile with administration ambience fins is credible falling through the dust abounding sky.

At arena akin men walking on the pavement, in cars and on motorbikes are acutely credible searching at the aircraft in the sky.
Few if any accept accomplished their eyes on the missile and are not yet tracking the ammunition that will anon backfire with alarming force.
Not anon accessible at aboriginal glance is the adolescent boys arena in the cartage but angled over afraid with the awareness of acknowledgment to cutting force.
In addition added appearance from about the aforementioned angle, a donkey barrow has confused into focus and the cars accept gone.

A accumulation of youths are captured, their bodies at asperous angles, about to breach into a run.
It is now bright the breadth is getting targeted and a additional missile is affective at an bend to the target.

Minutes beforehand the buyer of the residential architecture austere had accustomed a bang alarm from the Israeli military.
He was told the acreage would be austere and warned to evacuate.

The attention weapons alone from three air force jets did their job: the targeted architecture was destroyed and the surrounding structures abide continuing intact.
As clouds of smoke acceleration from the blast, association angle searching on, abduction by the camera in mid-gesture.
Some are silhoutted adjoin the aciculate ablaze and caliginosity extend beyond the road.

As the accurate dust and smoke spreads to awning the absolute alley the quick acknowledgment to course is apparent. Only the set of tires broadcast beyond the alley indicates that breadth is briefly impassable.

One man in absolute contour nonchalantly crosses the alley as if absent to the storm and acerbity of the war in his backyard.

Senin, 14 April 2014

14-year-old girl arrested over 'joke' terror threat to airline on Twitter

Dutch girl arrested after claiming to be al-Qaeda member planning 'something really big' in tweet to American Airlines, which she says was "joke"

A 14-year-old Dutch babe who tweeted a alarm blackmail to American Airlines as a “joke” has reportedly been arrested by badge in Rotterdam.
The babe has been bedfast “after Rotterdam police’s own investigation", not at the appeal of an American organisation, according to the Dutch news service BNO News.

American Airlines said that it “takes these threats actual seriously” and would acquaint the FBI of the exchange.

She again panicked, and beatific a alternation of tweets aggravating to explain her antic gone wrong.
“I was badinage and it was my acquaintance not me, yield her IP abode not mine,” she wrote, “I’m so afraid I’m just a 14-year-old white babe I’m not a terrorist.”

An AA agent has said: "At American, the assurance of our cartage and aggregation is our top priority. We yield aegis affairs actual seriously."

Her “joke” and the way in which she dedicated herself became a viral hit on the internet, and she was beatific a ample amount of calumniating messageson amusing media.

The babe after abeyant her account.