Race Driver GRID 2008

Race Driver: Grid (stylized as Racedriver GRID, in the Americas, known simply as GRID) is the most recent addition to the TOCA Touring Car series.

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Game Guide

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is a first-person shooter video game developed by Nerve Software and id Software. It was released for the PC on April 3, 2005, as an expansion pack for Doom 3 and on October 5, 2005, for the Xbox video game console.

Games PC; Art Of Murder: Deadly Secrets Final Portable

New Yk city was beaten with a series of murders and the death toll mounting. FBI Agent Nicole Bonnet F to find an advantage it has become impossible as it seems that the victims are all antiques and collects and unrelated to the other.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars 2011

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flight simulator set for World War II scenario +. During his seven campaigns, the player must fly and fight with more than 48 missions.

Tips for Travel Packing

When planning to take a trip, the hard task is packing all the things that you really need and leaving the things that you want. To make your travel packing a whole lot easier, here are a few helpful tips that should help you:

Sabtu, 23 November 2013

Google Says: 8 Days To Remove Murder Scene From Maps

Google has said it will abolish images of a murdered jailbait from Google Maps, in adjustment to anticipate any added ache to the boy’s family.

Back in August 2009, 14-year-old Kevin Barrera was attempt to afterlife on his way home from academy in the East Bay breadth of San Francisco. A bounded TV Station alleged KTVU spotted the Google digital images assuming Kevin’s body, a badge convoying car and admiral on the abomination scene. They alerted the family, who requested that Google abolish the pictures.

Mr Barrera said: “When I see this image, that’s still like that happened yesterday. And that brings me aback to a lot of memories.”

Google responded anon by adage it would amend the Maps app to abolish the angel and that it would yield eight canicule to ample the gap.

Currently there is no ability to address Google digital images.

In a statement, Google Maps vice-president Brian McClendon said: “Google has never accelerated the backup of adapted digital adumbration from our maps before, but accustomed the affairs we capital to accomplish an barring in this case.”

The case of Kevin Barrera’s annihilation was never solved. His ancestor says that althought the afterimage of the angel was upsetting, he hopes it may alert the badge to yield addition attending at the case files.

Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013

Ever wonder how your email goes from A to B? Google's new animation shows you how

  • Google reveals how 'Gmail' campaign from your home, through underground affairs and into Google's 'Post Office', afore traveling on to your recipient
  • Google asks its advisers to plan in shorts rather than aerate gigantic arrays of computer harder drives
  • Company 'recycles 100% of accouterments equipment' - alienated the acquirement of 90,000 new computers back 2007
  • 'This accomplished cruise took just abnormal and happens billions of times a day.'

Google has aerial the lid on some of their new blooming methods for administration the billions of emails they accord with anniversary and every day.

And in archetypal Google feel-good fashion, they absitively to authenticate their methods in a beautiful action abounding of amusing imagery, bold our emails bouncing through cables as bodies play on rooftops and cars bassinet forth the road.

'The Story of Send', as Google agreement it, takes us on a adventure which starts if your email - or Gmail, bold you are application Google's email arrangement - bounces out of your laptop, and ends if the email arrives on the recipient's smartphone.

Although the action is a colourful acreage area Google advisers skate through the abstracts banks and accept to their music through their headphones, beat on any of the assorted Play buttons that dot the mural advance into actual austere documentaries about how Google reduces their ability needs and uses blooming technology to abate the seek engine's appulse on the environment.

Along the way, we aswell apprentice some alluring facts about their abstracts acreage - for instance advisers plan in Hawaiian shirts and shorts rather than decay activity on air-conditioning the behemothic vaults absolute bags of harder drives, or how 100 Google searches equals the bulk of ability acclimated to ablaze a light-bulb for 28 minutes.

Some of the tidbits arise by Google cover how the aggregation keeps its abstracts centres - those all-inclusive warehouses abounding of hard-drives autumn Google's colossal amounts of abstracts - at a balmy 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26C), rather than absorb a lot of activity and money befitting air-conditioning the building.

Instead, the aggregation artlessly asks its workers to abrasion shorts to work.
Also, the aggregation says that: 'Since 2007, we’ve recycled abundant servers to abstain affairs over 90,000 backup machines. We consistently attending for means to reclaim what we have, and if we can’t, we absolutely abolish any abstracts apparatus and resell them.

'We’re appreciative that we recycle 100% of the cyberbanking accessories that leaves our abstracts centers.'

Other little facts that arise on the action cover how a user alive three canicule of YouTube uses the agnate activity it takes to manufacture, amalgamation and bear one DVD, and how application 100 searches uses the aforementioned bulk of activity as application a 60W ablaze ball for 28 minutes.

And, if you are afraid of sending clandestine emails, or application 'cloud' services, whereby companies like Google, Microsoft or DropBox attending afterwards your abstracts and can beck it to assorted devices, Google wants you to apperceive there are some real-world aegis options congenital into their abstracts farms.

The aggregation says: 'We accept the accent of befitting your claimed abstracts secure. That’s why we assure your bulletin with a advanced ambit of aegis measures. Aegis cameras, iris scans and fingerprint scans at our abstracts centers are just a few of the measures we yield to defended and assure your information.'
The aggregation aswell states they use renewable activity for added than 30% of our operations.
Although Google may be artlessly aggravating to account some 'green' points, it is alluring to see the adventure of a Gmail from alpha to accomplishment - and as Google themselves say: 'This accomplished cruise took just abnormal and happens billions of times a day.'

View the action in full here

Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013

5 Sky Events This Week: Morning Comets and Solar Eclipse

The Earth’s moon plays adumbrate and seek with abroad stars and our sun this week, and the caliginosity architect cover a bifold comet appearance in the pre-dawn skies.

Lunar Trio. In the aboriginal morning hours of Tuesday, October 29 the moon will anatomy a beauteous triangular arrangement with blooming Mars and blue-white brilliant Regulus in the afterlife Leo, the Lion.

Pre-dawn Comets. On Friday, November 1, and for the blow of the month, the much-talked-about comet ISON will be arresting in the predawn sky. At the alpha of the ages ISON shines at about 9th consequence authoritative it arresting as a aside down-covered atom in binoculars. Expectations are that it will abide to brighten, possibly extensive naked-eye afterimage by the end of the ages if it alcove its abutting access with the sun on November 28.

Joining ISON just a few binocular fields to its far lower larboard is addition icy interloper, the comet 2P/Encke, which will aswell be arresting a brace hours afore bounded sunrise. Flying through the afterlife Leo, the Lion, Encke shines at about 7th magnitude, authoritative it the brightest comet in our skies for now. For sky-watchers this agency that Encke is an simple ambition to see with binoculars and baby telescopes. The two comets arise about 20 degrees apart—equal to the amplitude of two side-by-side fists at arm’s length.

Zodiacal Lights. From Saturday, November 2, and the afterward two weeks, keen-eyed skywatchers in the mid-northern latitudes will attestant the apparitional afterglow of the zodiacal lights about one to two hours afore bounded aurora in the eastern sky.

The afterglow after-effects from sunlight absorption off the endless dust particles amphibian in space, assortment from the accumulation of the planets formed about 4.5 billion years ago.

The best affairs to bolt this pyramid-shaped axle of ablaze will arise in the aphotic countryside. Helping to clue it down, Mars will be animated just aloft its apex.

Moon and Spica: Saturday morning aswell offers an acute celebratory claiming with the razor-thin crumbling bow-shaped moon bond up with the Virgo constellation’s brightest brilliant Spica. Spica will be actual low in the eastern border afore bounded dawn. The moon will alone be about 20 hours from its new moon phase.
For assemblage in axial and arctic Europe and Asia, the moon will in fact arise to concealment or abstruse Spica. Here are the times and blueprint of this lunar occultation.

Solar Eclipse. At aurora on Sunday, November 3, a fractional solar concealment will accost skywatchers forth North America’s East Coast. How big of a chaw out of the sun’s lower larboard limb you get to see depends on your location. From Montreal, about 32 percent of the sun will arise covered, while advantage in Boston will be 63 percent and Miami will be 43 percent. However, you will charge to be celebratory from a website with a absolutely bright appearance of the eastern horizon. Remember NEVER attending anon at the sun after appropriate solar clarify protection.

Those advantageous abundant to be in Africa forth the attenuated aisle of totality—where the absolute deejay of the sun is covered by the moon’s contour – will attestant a absolute solar concealment on Sunday afternoon. Absolute concealment will be arresting from locations of Gabon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Kamis, 12 September 2013

Teen Drops $33K on Historic Wikileaks Server Using Dad’s eBay Account

After 10 canicule and 93 bids, an celebrated server acclimated to host Wikileaks’ abundance accession of abstruse abstracts has awash on eBay — to a 17-year-old who acclimated his dad’s email annual afterwards permission. 

Swedish ISP Bahnhof, which had hosted Wikileaks for about eight months starting aback in 2010, absitively to advertise the server endure week, acquisitive to accession money for two charities: Reporters Afterwards Borders and the 5th of July Foundation, a agenda rights group.
The acceptable bid was $33,000. But according to Bahnhof CEO John Karlung, anon afterwards the bargain bankrupt this morning, he got a bulletin from the buyer, adage he wants to aback out of the deal. His son bought the account afterwards his ability or permission.
According to eBay’s records, the boy initially bid $10,200 for the server, aback on September 7. He again bid seven added times as the bargain acrimonious up. 

After it was accessible in June 2011, the server — a Dell Poweredge R410 account maybe $4,000 — had served as a chat section in a bar in one of Bahhof’s Stockholm abstracts centers. Bahnhof has wiped the abstracts from it and is affairs it as a actual curiosity.
Wikileaks — which wasn’t in band to account from the bargain — was no fan of the sale, adage that Bahnhof had abstract the role played by the server, and that the Swedish ISP “did not seek permission to bargain the WikiLeaks server or to use it for business purposes, or to forward the gain to others.”
The server was one of several acclimated to host the Iraq War Logs, but was never a primary server, Wikileaks said. 

“We do not abutment Bahnhof base the aloofness and acceptable name of their audience for business purposes,” the whistle-blowing accouterments said via Twitter endure week. 

Wikileaks never in fact endemic the box. They busy it from Bahnhof. 

Karlung wouldn’t analyze the buyer, adage he capital to bottle his privacy. But he put us in blow with the afflicted server-winner. He says he’s an automated aliment artisan who lives just alfresco of Lisbon. He forwarded us the letters he beatific Karlung afterwards his son won the auction. 

“My son is 17 years old and is crazy about cabal theory,” the champ wrote to Karlung. 

In an email interview, the abandoned champ said that he was “speechless” if he abstruse about his son’s purchase. But they haven’t had time to allocution yet. “A added austere chat will be tomorrow,” he said. 

The number-two applicant now gets a attempt at owning a section of history — for $32,900. Lucky them — provided their bid is legit.

Rabu, 04 September 2013

Download Jack The Ripper Letters From Hell 2013 Compact

Jack the Ripper: Letters from Hell approaches Jack the Ripper from an absorbing angle. Instead of arena one of the "good guys" aggravating to clue down the consecutive killer, you chase the added arguable exploits of John Bert, a anchorman who decides that the best way to advertise affidavit is to broadcast as abounding amazing data about the Whitechapel murders as he can - even if that agency authoritative up affected affirmation and sending belletrist assuming to be accounting by Saucy Jack himself. It's different twist, but abominably the blow of this hidden article bold is acute to play.
Basically, you'll chase Bert as he slinks about London revisiting the areas area murders accept occurred, demography photos of the abomination scenes and developing them, announcement belletrist that he's forged, and accepting connected run-ins with the police, who bound abound apprehensive aback he seems to about-face up in all the aforementioned places Jack does.
In anniversary arena you accept to acquisition a account of hidden altar afore you can move on, such as clothes pins, a pencil, glasses, or a cloth. Afterwards you've begin everything, there are usually one or two added things to be done in the scene; for example, the bold ability ask you to column a letter, which involves award and beat on a mailbox.
Unfortunately, the cartoon ache from a done out attending that makes far too abounding of the altar attending ambiguous adjoin the arid backgrounds. Either that or they're just too tiny and blobby. I bound got annoyed of analytic for tiny knives and clothespins in scenes area the angle was so ridiculously abysmal that annihilation hidden in the "far away" allocation of the awning ability as able-bodied accept been invisible.
To accomplish affairs worse, you accept a acutely bound amount of hints. As in, nine of them. Not nine per arena or nine per chapter, but nine in total, for the absolute game. This is artlessly not acceptible accustomed how absurd to see abounding of the items are. When you run out, you can acquire one paltry added adumbration by award a brilliant hidden in the scene. That goes for Classic mode, one of two on offer. In the added mode, Timed, you can acquire added time by award the star. If you run out of time in Timed approach you accept to alpha the arena over again. It's account acquainted that some of the time banned are antic - you get beneath than a minute for some scenes.
Besides the different story, one abrupt ablaze atom is the bit of "choose your own adventure" that the bold throws in. When a policeman appears on the arena you can accept to either run abroad or allocution to him. If you run... well, let's just say you'll end up about unpleasant. If you break you'll face an claiming that tests your anamnesis - the cop ability ask, for example, what the blush of the date drillmaster was that you took to get home in the antecedent scene.
There are added issues too. The bold is abounding of infuriating, unskippable mini-games. How abounding of us accept brand collections? Luckily I acclimated to, which was the alone way I knew how to analyze "English stamps" from the blow of the huge pile. Another arresting one complex accepting to accumulate an ancientcamera and tripod by searching alone at its shadow, and if you clicked a section in the amiss abode you'd accept to alpha the accomplished action afresh from scratch.
The affliction was a alleged anamnesis bold area you accept to put graffiti aback assimilate barrio afterwards accepting taken it off a few puzzles before. Unless you accept a accurate memory, there's no way to complete this addle after accidental beat or application hints - but acceptable you'll accept destroyed through your adumbration allocation able-bodied before.
Here is area I could accomplish some blue pun, like suggesting that this appellation be alleged Bold from Hell instead of Belletrist from Hell. But hopefully you get the idea.

Download :
Jack The Ripper Letters From Hell 2013 Compact

pass : www.p30day.com

source  : www.p30day.com

Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2013

Download Android Porn Apps - Pxxx Tube

Watch Free Porn videos.A collection with thousands of sex movies.
Download and enjoy.
Recent changes:
- Sort by name, duration, newest, most views.
- option to change to decent icon and lable
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Senin, 19 Agustus 2013

The ‘Mood Graph’: How Our Emotions Are Taking Over the Web

Recently, URL shortener Bitly appear a beta adaptation of its apparatus for “Feelings”, a “fun bookmarklet to accurate how you feel about the agreeable you’re sharing”. Its tagline, however, is even added telling: “Because you don’t ‘like’ everything.” This is a attenuate jab at Facebook’s Like button, even admitting Facebook, too, provided a way beforehand this year for its users to added broadly accurate how they feel by selecting from a dropdown card of options (happy, sad, tired, etc.) and emoji.
All of this is abnormally absorbing if you accede the a lot of contempo assay finding, appear this accomplished week, that Facebook may “provide an invaluable ability for accomplishing the basal animal charge for amusing connection,” but “rather than acceptable abundance … [it] may attenuate it.”
Oh, the irony: Facebook keeps accretion the affecting bandwidth of its interface, yet its users are still depressed. 

I’m not singling out Facebook or even Bitly here; Google Plus on adaptable aswell offers such expressions, as do a amount of added websites and apps. The point is that all these interfaces are now absorption on the affecting aspects of our admonition diets. To put this development in a broader context: the affection blueprint has arrived, demography its abode alongside the amusing blueprint (most frequently associated with Facebook), citation-link blueprint and ability blueprint (associated with Google), plan blueprint (LinkedIn and others), and absorption blueprint (Pinterest and others).
Like all these added graphs, the affection blueprint will accredit relevance, customization, targeting; search, discovery, structuring; advertising, purchasing behaviors, and more. It aswell signals an important about-face in computer-mediated communication.
But agreement a agenda affection ring on users aswell has the ability to change us — how we accurate ourselves. Abnormally if one considers that the abstracts clearing affection graphs comes from our encounters with behavior-altering interfaces packaged as fun little emojis and innocuous, “handy-dandy buttons”… 

Changing the Interface Changes the Conversation
Not alone do we accept the a lot of circuitous facial expressions of any species, but animal accent allows us to acquaint with an “infinite variety” of expressions. In fact, we abide to ad-lib new words to alarm complicated emotions, and to architecture algorithms that admonition association actualize alone languages for untranslatable emotions.
Yet animal accent generally still feels like a edgeless apparatus that’s too all-encompassing to abduction or arm-twist the affecting nuances of our different experiences. How abounding times accept you heard, for example, bodies beam (or animate others) that “Oh, well, you can never absolutely apprehend accent in email?” 

This is area the key inputs of a affection blueprint — emoji, emoticons, symbols, and added descriptors — could in fact admonition us accurate ourselves better. Afterwards all, even in contiguous conversations, actual gestures go a connected way appear accepting others to accept what we’re aggravating to convey. (Despite that usefulness, alleged netiquette experts assert that emoticons are inappropriate for business correspondence. While the admonition is meant to affect professionalism, it sounds to me clumsily like parents’ condescendingly exhorting their tantrum-throwing toddlers to “Use Your Words”.)
But there are costs to a affection blueprint too. The added we await on finishing account with the aforementioned bound words (feeling happy) and images (smiley face) accessible to anybody on a platform, the added those pre-fabricated symbols anatomy and absolute the account we express. Such accepted symbols can aswell advance to even added abashing or confounding due to cultural, generational, and added differences.
And finally, drop-down announcement makes us one-dimensional, active caricatures of G-mail’s canned responses — a appearance of accent bigger ill-fitted to blank computers than flesh-and-blood humans. As Marshall McLuhan observed, just as we appearance our tools, they appearance us too. It’s a two-way street. 

Constraints Change Admonition in Surprising Ways
A acumen that’s advantageous to accede actuality is the aberration amid accurate speech, the attempt to say something new that we’re cerebration through (hesitantly application acting phrases until what we’ve been aggravating to say all forth assuredly becomes clear); and announced speech, area we use familiar, formulaic expressions to acquaint aboveboard information. This acumen was fabricated by French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty in The Phenomenology of Perception (1945).
Recognizing that we charge both types of speech, Merleau-Ponty didn’t best one over another: Sometimes all you wish to apperceive is artlessly whether your acquaintance acquainted “sad:(” or “shocked!” afterwards watching the Amateur of Thrones “Red Wedding” adventure (spoken speech). And on added occasions you wish anxious abstracts — “what just happened? what does it mean?” – of their acknowledgment to the Lost or Sopranos afterpiece (authentic speech).
But with the accountable inputs of a affection graph, we are absorption about alone on spoken, pre-programmed achievement — appropriately abbreviating the ability of authentic, artistic speech.
Note, however, that constraints aren’t necessarily all bad. If Twitter aboriginal came on the scene, some — including acclaimed linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky — argued a bound interface meant bound book which meant bound thought. Yet Twitter acquired in means its founders couldn’t even accept envisioned, alarming a ambit of artistic expressions and applications.
Can the interfaces powering affection graphs be analogously acclimated and user-innovated? The acknowledgment partly depends on whether an interface allows users to add their own affecting designators, or whether it banned them to a pre-selected drop-down mix.
Twitter may accept its allotment of accepted and abhorred emoji but its interface doesn’t advance them assimilate users. Facebook in fact has an add-your-own advantage as well, area users can access words (say, “schadenfreude”) to alarm absolutely what they’re feeling. But you’ve got to put in effort. And, of course, abounding users may not wish to “deal with the messiness of all those average emotions” and artlessly stick to bifold likes/dislikes. 

Companies Wish Us to Box Our Affections In
We’re in fact not that abundant afterpiece to accepting a computer to accept our absorbed at a added akin than we were 30 years ago, even admitting user interfaces and the basement abaft them accept connected to advance on the surface. Despite cogent advances in apparatus learning, it’s acutely difficult (or not about efficient) for computers to accept and action accustomed language, automate affect analysis, or actuate cryptic context.
No amount how acute or brainless computers may be, it’s just easier to actualize systems that animate users to do their own interpretative plan — to cipher themselves into connected categories, to box themselves in, so to speak. With Bitly, it will be allegorical — or rather alignment in machine-readable anatomy – our emotions, sentiments, and added for the websites we share. With Facebook, it’s users alignment affections about the activities they allotment there. 

In this way, a affection blueprint has abstruse implications for commercial acquirement and privacy.
We already apperceive that with a amusing blueprint at its disposal, a affection blueprint would accord Facebook an absurd bend over its competitors for customizing ads and recommendations, as able-bodied as admiration users’ approaching feelings. But accede this: Even if you’re anyone who doesn’t allotment anything, Facebook could potentially reverse-engineer your affecting persona by bushing in the blanks from your agreeing friends’ affecting states. In added words, the added your accompany emote and construe their soulful moments into basal abstracts points, the added Facebook can actuate what makes you tick, too.
In short, acknowledgment to actuating interface architecture and non-transparent algorithms, we may be accouterment affecting activity after even alive it. Because let’s be blunt, Mark Zuckerberg (and added agreeing executives) apprehend a cachet box with “What’s on your mind?” — accompanied by our animosity — is a far added alluring way to get us to access the apparatus area than “What can we advertise you and your friends?” 

And we’ll abide accouterment these companies and platforms all this affecting activity and abstracts – absolution them accomplishment and monetize it after paying us for it — because these “siren servers” (as Jaron Lanier calls them) accept us all captive: we can’t abide the alarm of traveling area our accompany are.
The Game of Moods Begins
People aren’t asinine puppets. We like to accomplish acceptation on our own terms: we lie; we play games. It’s possible, therefore, that users will acquisition new means to dispense and use the accoutrement that accredit affection graphs. Bodies are accepted for award able means to capsize platforms.
Still, we accept to accede the implications of a affection blueprint — and added broadly than alone at an alone level, because it has broader socio-cultural significance, too: 

Consider the award that women are added acceptable to use emoticons in argument letters than men. Will affection blueprint analytics accordingly ambition women disproportionately?
Or, what happens if an absolute government can clue our moods, as they are already accomplishing in India? (The implications are even added abominable if you brace that with the country’s massive ID program).
Finally, anticipate about the contempo revelations of government surveillance actuality and our reactions to internet-economy companies allegedly getting allotment of that. If we’re that mad about these entities alive what we do and say … how will we feel if some aggregation knows aggregate we feel?

source : wired

Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

Atomic Bomb Fallout Helps Solve Brain Mystery

The mushroom clouds made by over five hundred nuclear bomb tests throughout the conflict might have had a bright side, after all. over fifty years later, scientists have found the simplest way to use hot carbon isotopes free into the atmosphere by nuclear testing to settle a long-standing discussion in neuroscience: will the adult human brain manufacture new neurons? once operating to hone their technique for over a decade, the researchers report that atiny low region of the human brain concerned in memory makes new neurons throughout our lives—a continuous method of self-renewal that will aid learning.
For an extended time, scientific dogma control that our brains didn't manufacture new neurons throughout adulthood, says Pasko Rakic, a neurobiologist at university UN agency wasn't concerned within the study. In 1998, however, a bunch of Swedish researchers reported  the primary proof that neurons square measure regularly born throughout the human period of time. The researchers injected a compound unremarkably accustomed label growth biological process into patients UN agency had united to own their brains examined once death. once the scientists examined the postmortem brain tissue, they found that new neurons had so sprung forth throughout adulthood. The cells were placed in an exceedingly a part of the hippocampus—a try of seahorse-shaped structures placed deep among the brain and concerned in memory and learning. The compound was later found to be nephrotoxic, however, and also the experiment was ne'er continual.

Since 1998, variety of studies have incontestable  that new neurons square measure generated within the same little region of the hippocampus in mice and seem to play a very important role in memory and learning, says Kirsty Spalding, a biologist at the Karolinska Institute in national capital and lead author of the new study. as a result of the 1998 work was ne'er confirmed by freelance analysis, however, scientists have ferociously argued over whether or not the nerve cell birth seen in mice conjointly happens in individuals.

More than ten years past, Spalding’s authority, Jonas Frisén, a somatic cell scientist at the Karolinska Institute and study author, urged her to require on a project aimed toward sinking this discussion by victimization Associate in Nursing unconventional approach. The method, that has taken Spalding over a decade to develop, hinges on a colossal pulse of hot carbon-14 isotopes free by nuclear explosions within the Nineteen Fifties and ’60s, that doubled the quantity of carbon-14 within the atmosphere. This pulse stopped with the restricted forbiddance accord of 1963, that illegal surface tests of nuclear weapons, and also the unstable carbon-14 isotopes have steady decayed. as a result of cells incorporate carbon from the atmosphere into their DNA as they divide, the proportion of carbon-14 to the additional stable carbon atom carbon-12 acts as a time stamp for once a cell was born.

Spalding has been victimization this quantitative relation to work out the age of teeth in rhetorical investigations and also the ratio of fat cells. however she had to enhance the sensitivity of the technique so it may find the atom quantitative relation in DNA from the roughly 6-gram sliver of neural tissue within the hippocampus thought to provide new neurons, the rough complex body part. At best, the atom is gift in barely one out of each fifteen neurons, she says, creating it tough to find in little amounts of tissue.

For the primary five years, Spalding worked on finding a good method of separating the roughly twenty million neurons within the rough complex body part from alternative sorts of hippocampal cells so extracting their DNA. Discovering that she may use a fluorescence-activated cell sorting machine to tell apart non-neuronal cells from neurons by creating them glow in several colours was “a division,” she says. subsequent five years were for the most part spent on finding ways in which to purify the DNA samples and extract and analyze the carbon atoms victimization high-powered particle accelerators. “We had a few years with none results,” Frisén says. “It was fun, however frustrating.”

After finally obtaining the technique perfect, Spalding set that it absolutely was time to do it on some real human brain tissue. She and her colleagues extracted hippocampi from fifty five deceased folks that had given consent to own their brains studied. They then ground up the tissue samples, sorted the cells, and extracted the DNA. Next, she sent the pure genetic material to the Lawrence suffragist National Laboratory in American state, wherever it absolutely was reduced to pure carbon pellets and split into totally different carbon isotopes by weight in an exceedingly accelerator, permitting the researchers to calculate the quantitative relation between carbon-12 and carbon-14.

Spalding, Frisén, and colleagues then created a mathematical model estimating, supported those ratios, the speed of cellular turnover among the hippocampal neurons. over a 3rd of hippocampal neurons were often replaced, with roughly 1400 new neurons additional every day throughout adulthood, they report on-line these days in Cell. “Some cells square measure dying, some square measure being replaced,” Spaulding says. “There could be a constant flux of life and death.”

“This could be a spectacular freelance confirmation” of the 1998 study suggesting that new neurons square measure born throughout adulthood within the rough complex body part, writes Gerd Kempermann, a neurobiologist at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases in city, in Associate in Nursing e-mail. “It can seemingly settle the case.”

Kempermann says that his own and other’s studies in mice indicate that contemporary adult neurons have a selected perform within the hippocampus—for example, in serving to the brain distinguish between things that belong to constant class, or comparison new data to what it's already learned from expertise. the power to tell apart between the rock group and Rolling Stones, however still establish each as “rock bands,” is one example of this sort of task in humans, Frisén says.

There is another risk, however: Our ability to switch hippocampal neurons can be Associate in Nursing biological process trace that's not all that vital these days, Rakic says. He argues that human survival might have depended not such a lot on our ability to provide new neurons, however on our ability to stay recent ones so as to accumulate recollections over the whole period of time. Compared with fishes, frogs, reptiles, and birds, a number of which might grow entire brain structures, he says, “it is fascinating that neuronic turnover in humans is restricted to one population of neurons in barely one comparatively little structure, and it's worthy to look at why it persists.”

Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Night Camera+ v2.16 APK


  • No blur, no noise!
  • Full resolution
  • Advanced low light technique
  • Location tagging
  • Shutter sound can be muted
  • Support for Flash on/off/auto

You may think there is very little difference between a cell phone camera and a point-and-shoot camera. Nowadays, mobile phone cameras have enough megapixels. The phones have enough storage capacity. Even the lens quality is not as bad as before and can compete with low-end compact cameras.

At the same time, a big gap still exists when it comes to the basis of photography – the light source. If you take pictures in daylight, you may be satisfied with the quality of mobile images. However, when you move to a less bright indoor environment, you start to notice the difference. Mobile images appear to have more noise, they are usually blurry and lack detail in shadows. Bright areas turn into pure-white spots. Faces seem unnaturally flat, especially when using a flash. Getting into a darker environment extends the gap. While images taken with a regular camera are not very good but still do show a scene, mobile images become unacceptably blurry and show almost nothing but smeared lights and the camera’s own noise.

What's in this version : (Updated : Feb 22, 2013)
UI re-design
hi-speed mode by default
option to keep colors saturated
crashes fixed
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 3M APK