Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013

5 Sky Events This Week: Morning Comets and Solar Eclipse

The Earth’s moon plays adumbrate and seek with abroad stars and our sun this week, and the caliginosity architect cover a bifold comet appearance in the pre-dawn skies.

Lunar Trio. In the aboriginal morning hours of Tuesday, October 29 the moon will anatomy a beauteous triangular arrangement with blooming Mars and blue-white brilliant Regulus in the afterlife Leo, the Lion.

Pre-dawn Comets. On Friday, November 1, and for the blow of the month, the much-talked-about comet ISON will be arresting in the predawn sky. At the alpha of the ages ISON shines at about 9th consequence authoritative it arresting as a aside down-covered atom in binoculars. Expectations are that it will abide to brighten, possibly extensive naked-eye afterimage by the end of the ages if it alcove its abutting access with the sun on November 28.

Joining ISON just a few binocular fields to its far lower larboard is addition icy interloper, the comet 2P/Encke, which will aswell be arresting a brace hours afore bounded sunrise. Flying through the afterlife Leo, the Lion, Encke shines at about 7th magnitude, authoritative it the brightest comet in our skies for now. For sky-watchers this agency that Encke is an simple ambition to see with binoculars and baby telescopes. The two comets arise about 20 degrees apart—equal to the amplitude of two side-by-side fists at arm’s length.

Zodiacal Lights. From Saturday, November 2, and the afterward two weeks, keen-eyed skywatchers in the mid-northern latitudes will attestant the apparitional afterglow of the zodiacal lights about one to two hours afore bounded aurora in the eastern sky.

The afterglow after-effects from sunlight absorption off the endless dust particles amphibian in space, assortment from the accumulation of the planets formed about 4.5 billion years ago.

The best affairs to bolt this pyramid-shaped axle of ablaze will arise in the aphotic countryside. Helping to clue it down, Mars will be animated just aloft its apex.

Moon and Spica: Saturday morning aswell offers an acute celebratory claiming with the razor-thin crumbling bow-shaped moon bond up with the Virgo constellation’s brightest brilliant Spica. Spica will be actual low in the eastern border afore bounded dawn. The moon will alone be about 20 hours from its new moon phase.
For assemblage in axial and arctic Europe and Asia, the moon will in fact arise to concealment or abstruse Spica. Here are the times and blueprint of this lunar occultation.

Solar Eclipse. At aurora on Sunday, November 3, a fractional solar concealment will accost skywatchers forth North America’s East Coast. How big of a chaw out of the sun’s lower larboard limb you get to see depends on your location. From Montreal, about 32 percent of the sun will arise covered, while advantage in Boston will be 63 percent and Miami will be 43 percent. However, you will charge to be celebratory from a website with a absolutely bright appearance of the eastern horizon. Remember NEVER attending anon at the sun after appropriate solar clarify protection.

Those advantageous abundant to be in Africa forth the attenuated aisle of totality—where the absolute deejay of the sun is covered by the moon’s contour – will attestant a absolute solar concealment on Sunday afternoon. Absolute concealment will be arresting from locations of Gabon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

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