Race Driver GRID 2008

Race Driver: Grid (stylized as Racedriver GRID, in the Americas, known simply as GRID) is the most recent addition to the TOCA Touring Car series.

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Game Guide

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is a first-person shooter video game developed by Nerve Software and id Software. It was released for the PC on April 3, 2005, as an expansion pack for Doom 3 and on October 5, 2005, for the Xbox video game console.

Games PC; Art Of Murder: Deadly Secrets Final Portable

New Yk city was beaten with a series of murders and the death toll mounting. FBI Agent Nicole Bonnet F to find an advantage it has become impossible as it seems that the victims are all antiques and collects and unrelated to the other.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars 2011

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flight simulator set for World War II scenario +. During his seven campaigns, the player must fly and fight with more than 48 missions.

Tips for Travel Packing

When planning to take a trip, the hard task is packing all the things that you really need and leaving the things that you want. To make your travel packing a whole lot easier, here are a few helpful tips that should help you:

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DEATHMATCH; Windows Phone vs. Android

Previously smartphone Deathmatch (November 2010): In a surprise upset, the Google Android beat both the Blackberry and Apple iPhone OS merits of customization, flexibility and rapid swelling of application support. This month we are launching a Windows Mobile 7 in a cage with the iPhone killer. Microsoft may nascent mobile operating system to keep the contents side, against an angry androids? It 'time to find out.

EASE OF USE Windows Mobile home screen is all I want a phone: a fascinating, dynamic and functional. Android has a customizable home screen, and love the ability to insert widgets, but in the end, the desktop metaphor seems a bit 'dated. WinPhone use of triumphs class all-in-one approach to Android. In general, Microsoft has created a lot easier at a glance the user interface. We considered penalized Windows Mobile 7, the lack of copy / paste, but then we tried to remember the last time we used, we call each other, and could not.
WINNER: Windows Mobile

FLEXIBILITY AND CUSTOMIZATION Microsoft said the simplicity of its mobile operating system, and the end result is that, apart from the ability to change color and position of the tabs on the homepage, you can not change a lot of interface all. We like Android in this sense because it allows a lot of control over our mobile environment. You can change almost all elements of the desktop, applications and settings powermanagement.
WINNER: Android

APPLICATION AND DEVELOPER SUPPORT Android applications are more than 100,000. At launch, Windows, the phone was only a few thousand, and the lack of large classes, like all Google applications (no surprise there), instant messaging and much more. Over time, Microsoft shut WinPhone results and use of games is a novel, but at this time, this class is a breeze.
WINNER: Android

EMAIL AND MESSAGING Both of these operating systems, "e-mail programs are easy to install and offer integrated support for Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, and POP. User interface design from Microsoft and the color is slightly better than Android, especially because we can see three lines of text to the default view. Although Windows Mobile threaded SMS looks and feels better as the Android, you can download the text of the superior third-party customers in the Android Marketplace. This is too close to call, especially since the two client messages are top notch.

MEDIA STORAGE AND PLAYBACK Android is flexible in how it deals with the media. You can synchronize music with Windows Media Player or other synchronization client (except for the Zune and iTunes) and you can drag / drop directly from Windows for your device. Windows Phone works particularly well with the Zune, which gives you access to a massive music library for $ 15 per month and also gives you the card to access movies and TV shows. And you can sync your phone with your PC.
WINNER: Windows Phone

PHOTOS AND STORAGE These days, most of them are the equivalent of several rolls of fi lm in our pockets. The question, as always, what the hell we do with all these pictures? Both Windows and Android Phone offers easy ways to get photos taken. However, the ability of Windows Phone to automatically download photos on Facebook or SkyDrive, and the ability to view all photos of our friends and is so innovative that we wish we had thought.
WINNER: Windows Mobile

And the Winner Is...
The fact that Microsoft has discussed all the furniture feels like a small miracle. When the company announced that it is Windows Mobile 7 delayed earlier this year, we thought it was the kiss of death. Instead, Holy Cow! This is a unique, good-looking mobile operating system. It 'still a version 1.0, not approaching close to the level of customization available for Android users. But between the intuitive use of the basic classes of smartphone features, integrating the Zune, and a cleaner look, you declare a winner of Windows Mobile.

One last thought: One of the things we have not mentioned in this Deathmatch is the battery life. Ultimately, it would not be fair because the size of the equipment and the battery / Type is a big part of the equation. However, our tests clearly that the Windows Phone OS is much less intensive than the battery of Android. As we see more devices, we will study further.

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Techno Claim


Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Digging into Windows Phone 7 OS

The core of Windows Phone 7 is the home screen and its symmetrical, Mondrian-style arrangement of large square tiles, each of which provides entry into a basic task such as email, web browsing, games, text messaging, calendars, and more. These tiles are plainly labeled and are “live,” meaning that the OS constantly updates them with new alerts in real time.

Beneath this striking design, however, lies a number of step-saving effi ciencies. Across the board, the WinPhone interface consistently removes one to two steps from almost every single smartphone task we perform on a day-to-day basis. The only real exception to this is the ability to instantly read news, weather, and social updates via the desktop widgets that Android permits.

As a general rule, the level of customization consistently disappointed us. You can customize the placement of individual tiles on the Start screen—an extended press on an icon allows you to drag it around the home screen and place it wherever you’d like. You can also “pin” just about anything—applications, websites, photos, games, people, podcasts, and more—to the home screen in the same manner. Aft er just under a week of usage, we wanted to adjust the color and/or size of individual tiles. We wanted to leave a row of tiles blank in order to group our applications. We want to change font sizes. None of this is currently possible.

Unrealistically, we expected that because Exchange and Outlook are Microsoft products, Outlook in Windows Phone 7 would function in some kind of special manner. We were misguided. Performance around message delivery and syncing is identical to Android and the iPhone. Critics and users have groaned about the lack of a unifi ed inbox that lumps all of our emails together. Our take: It’s a nicety, but not a necessity. These days, most of us use separate inboxes to refl ect our various personas—worker bee, family man, pervert—so the separation makes sense. SMS texting utilizes the now-standard threaded approach, with each SMS conversation housed in a separate window.

We were pleasantly surprised by the high level of functionality the built-in (and free!)mobile Microsoft Offi ce suite allows. Most of the basic formatting and font options are here. If you’re a PowerPoint maestro, be warned: You can create and edit Word and Excel documents, but you can only edit pre-existing PPT decks. We were surprised to discover that you can only save your documents locally or on a Sharepoint server, and not to Microsoft ’s cloudbased SkyDrive service. (You can automatically save your photos to SkyDrive, however.)

Given the prevalence of touch-screen smartphones, the quality of WinPhone’s virtual
keyboard is important. We confess to feeling initially disappointed. In comparison to the competition, it feels too small and the keys are too crowded, particularly in landscape mode. We were pleased to discover that the virtual keyboard’s adaptive traits were top-notch. It constantly adapted to and corrected the errors caused by our clumsy, meaty thumbs.

One signifi cant change is the way the OS treats your friends and social networks. Instead of shunting your social life into a series of applications, Microsoft has created a dedicated channel—People—that allows you to keep track of all your real and faux friends’ posts, status updates, and more. This aggregated view also extends to the Photos category of the OS—here you can see all of your friends’ most recent photo posts.

The integrated Zune support is a beautiful thing; it essentially means that every
WinPhone is also a Zune HD. You can download and stream the entire Zune catalog of
music, podcasts, and videos. The only exception to this rule is that, for some reason, you can’t stream or download Zune music channels. The Zune PC soft ware functions as a sync client for WinPhone devices in the same manner that iTunes does for iPhones. Plugging your device into your PC initiates an automatic two-way sync (if you prefer), although you can also set up your phone to sync with your home PC via the wireless network if you prefer.

Application support is clearly Windows Phone’s biggest weakness. At launch, some hyperbasic categories such as instant messaging, Dropbox, and Google Voice weren’t available. That’s a big concern. It’s probably just a matter of time before we see thousands of apps filling Windows Phone 7’s marketplace. But if you’re looking for apps right now, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Days aft er the launch, one of Maximum PC’s Facebook fans, I Jedi, summed things up with a key question about Windows Phone 7: What is Microsoft bringing to the table that will encourage adoption of its platform? It’s a fair question. The user interface design is so strikingly different that everyone wants to touch it. That’s a great start. But smartphone users are going to need more from WinPhones. More apps, more features, more functionality. More.

We confess to being intrigued and enamored by Windows Phone 7 as much for what it
does well now as for what it might accomplish in the future. In 12 months’ time, we envision a mobile OS with built-in remote connectivity to our desktop, our media server, and our home network. We envision a massive games library, with deep hooks to our Windows and Xbox games. We see built-in file sharing via SkyDrive. And yes, we see cut and paste.

The 12–18 month smartphone-upgrade cycle we all live by means that Microsoft has definitely inserted itself into the smartphone conversation. We’ll see what happens next.

Windows Phone 7: Ready for Action

Ultimately, the colorful, striking home screen is the first thing people notice about any Windows Phone 7 smartphone, and that’s a good thing. In fact, it is the best possible reaction Microsoft could hope for.

The truth is that, given the large gap between Microsoft and its competition, namely Android and the iPhone, anything less than extraordinary would have doomed Windows Phone 7 from the start. There’s a greater truth here, however—one that has heretofore gone unspoken. Since U.S. Robotics’ debut of the Palm Pilot in 1996, we’ve been essentially stuck with the same look and feel for our PDAs and smartphones. Sure, Android extends the desktop metaphor a little bit, but isn’t it pretty much a Windows/Mac desktop?

So, we’re happy to see something different. And we’re slightly surprised to see such a refined and polished mobile operating system. It’s not perfect though. Windows Phone lacks deep layers of customization and cut/copy/paste functionality, and there’s a dearth of third-party app support. But it’s different in a good way, so much so that critics are having a hard time identifying what it is about this fledgling OS that makes people so happy. That’s a good sign for Microsoft and a better sign for all of us.

Over the next four pages, we’re going to take a deeper look at the OS and pit it in a head-to-head battle against Google Android. Welcome to the smartphone party, Microsoft. You’re late, but we’re glad you’re here.

Showtime The 5 Biggest Future Threats

SMARTPHONE ATTACKS Smartphones such as BlackBerrys, iPhones, and Droids have become the go-to devices for email, text messaging, shopping, and online banking, and the attackers have taken notice. There have been some limited, narrowly focused attacks already, but this will increase signifi cantly in the near future.

MALICIOUS APPS We’ve already seen a few malicious apps that have made their way into the various smartphone app stores, including iTunes and the Android Market. This is incredibly fertile ground for the bad guys, who are interested in compromising as many devices as possible and being as quiet about it as they can. A trojan disguised as a game or an online banking app is a quick way to do just that.

PRE-INFECTED HARDWARE DEVICES There have been a number of examples of USB keys, mobile phones, and even digital photo frames being infected with malware before they leave the factory. Expect to see more of this, including malware pre-installed on laptop hard drives, in the years ahead, because a small payment for every device infected is an easy way for a low-paid factory worker to make a lot of money quickly.

MAC ATTACKS As the Mac platform’s popularity continues to grow, attackers will focus more and more of their attention on it. Expect to see more malware specifi cally designed to compromise Macs and iPhones as attackers begin to fi gure out useful attack vectors.

HIGHLY TARGETED PHISHING Mass phishing attacks are inefficient and attackers have turned their attention to highly targeted attacks, perhaps against a handful of key employees in a given organization who have access to valuable data. Emails that appear to come from a trusted customer, partner, or colleague and contain malicious PDFs or Excel spreadsheets have been a very successful vector and will continue to spread, especially among sophisticated attack crews with time and resources for reconnaissance.

Dennis Fisher is a security evangelist for Kaspersky Lab Americas.

Smartphone Security

It is much smaller than your desktop PC, but the risks are equally great .........

Hang on Tight
Currently, the number one threat to smartphone users is having the device end up in the wrong hands, through theft or loss. Your first line of defense, therefore, is constant vigilance regarding your smartphone’s whereabouts.
Use a Password and Encryption
Should your phone get lost or stolen, a good first layer of protection is a password, an option many phone users neglect. Choose the strongest password option available—a passphrase, for instance, rather than a four-digit code or swipe pattern. Encryption options vary among mobile OSes, but when possible, you should encrypt your storage card as well as your device memory. Back Up Your Data Just as with a PC, backing up your smartphone is important. Regularly synching the device to a linked computer will do the trick. It’s insurance against the loss of your phone, corruption of your OS, or any other event that jeopardizes your data.
Don’t Store Sensitive Data
The surest way to guard your sensitive data is to keep it off your smartphone altogether. Minimize the number and/or days of emails you store on your phone, or better yet, save email and attachments to a server. Make it a habit to regularly move or delete anything you wouldn’t want to share with strangers.
Practice App Awareness
An abundance of apps is both a blessing and a curse for smartphones—there is no way every app that makes it to market can be thoroughly vetted for 100 percent fail-safe security. By selecting reputable apps, backed by favorable user reviews, from a trusted source, you can diminish the risks. Avoid apps with scant reviews or that have only recently been uploaded. Also be cautious when granting an app permissions; consider the app’s function and what it might reasonably need access to.
Keep Software/Firmware Updated
Make sure you are running the latest versions of your apps, OS, and phone manufacturer software and fi rmware. This will ensure that any security holes are patched and your device is less vulnerable to hacks.
Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi When Not in Use
Unsecured wireless networks can be used by hackers to either attack your phone or steal information from it. You can protect yourself by keeping Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when you don’t need them. When wireless is needed, stick to known Wi-Fi networks using WPA2 and beware of public networks, which are sometimes set up by crooks to snare people’s data.
When using Bluetooth, make sure it’s in non-discoverable mode to avoid hacks like “Bluesnarfi ng” (stealing data), “Bluejacking” (sending unsolicited messages), and “Bluebugging” (listening in on your calls).
Beware of Links and Attachments
You’ve long been warned about the risks of opening strange links and attachments— particularly those arriving in unsolicited emails or text messages. All those same warnings apply to smartphones. And those warnings also apply to calling unfamiliar phone numbers received in messages, and clicking links for app “updates.” You can ensure the authenticity of an update by going to the app’s website.

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Top 5 Threat Vectors Showtime

JAVASCRIPT JavaScript is the root of many threats, since it is universally used by many applications such as web browsers and document readers. The Gumblar botnet is an active botnet that uses server-side polymorphic JavaScript code to infect machines, thus leveraging the language to start its dirty work. This means that each time you visit an infected Gumblar site, a new (previously unseen) script is sent to your browser that will begin fingerprinting—looking for software vulnerabilities. Once fingerprinted, the JavaScript will then attempt to serve up malicious exploits through other vectors such as PDF/Flash.

PDF/FLASH VULNERABILITIES There have been many zero-day vulnerabilities disclosed (and exploited) in 2010 based on PDF/Flash. These exploits have pioneered new attacks that bypass enhanced security measures such as address space layout randomization(ASLR) and data execution prevention (DEP). Due to the ubiquity of PDF/Flash technology, attackers use these vulnerabilities as a favorite way to infect machines. Oftentimes, end users think they cannot become infected through document/media fi les (only executables); this mentality needs to change quickly, because these vulnerabilities now present a very real and serious threat.
BOTNETS Once a machine is infected, there is another threat vector that exists—a botnet’s command and control (C&C) channel. Every botnet needs to phone home in order to receive commands and send stolen data. We see this as a potent threat vector, since if this channel is blocked, no instructions can be carried out, and no stolen information can be sent. There are lots of innovative ways that botnets try to discretely access C&C channels, but the most prevalent way remains HTTP, and, as a result, we deem the HTTP protocol itself a nasty threat vector. Most botnets will simply use RFC-compliant HTTP POST/GET commands; however, some will encrypt the payload to avoid detection.
XSS HOLES Cross-site scripting (XSS) holes have always been on the radar as one of the most dangerous web-based threats and continue to enjoy success because plenty of holes still exist on the web. A great example is a worm that hit Twitter in September 2010, where malicious tweets were sent out utilizing a freshly discovered XSS hole. While Twitter took quick action to shut this down, the worm was highly effective since it only required a user to roll their mouse over a link without having to click (it used the JavaScript onMouseOver technique). By doing so, the worm would then send further malicious tweets on that user’s behalf.
Persistent and nonpersistent XSS holes exist because of development oversights when implementing websites. Because they have existed for a while, and continue to be a problem, it is important to underscore the necessity of safe development practices to mitigate these threats.
THUMB DRIVES USB drives are actually one of, if not the most, common ways you can infect a network from inside a fi rewall. There are several reasons for this: They’re cheap, small, hold a lot of data, and can be used among multiple computer types. The ubiquity of thumb drives has driven hackers to develop targeted malware, such as the notorious Confi cker worm, that can automatically execute upon connecting with a live USB port. What’s worse is that default operating system confi gurations typically allow most programs(including malicious ones) to run automatically.

Source :
Derek Manky is project manager and cyber security and threat researcher at Fortinet’s Fortiguard Labs, and author of Fortinet’s monthly Threat Landscape Report.

Setting Up Windows Home Server ‘Vail’

Get the beta version of Vail is simple if you already use Windows Connect (http://connect.microsoft. Com home server / Windows). Otherwise, you must create an account.

The beta version is in the form of a downloadable ISO, so you'll burn a DVD from ISO, or install it on a USB memory Speedlight using Microsoft Windows 7 USB DVDto tool (http://store.microsoft.com/help/ISOtool). Since no optical drive is included in this release, the configuration was run from a USB flash drive 8 GB of flash.

Basic installation took place without incident, but when the system reboots WHS office for updates, a strange problem arose. Vail had no drivers for the integrated Intel Gigabit Ethernet hardware. It does not recognize Atheros Wi-Fi adapter, but could not connect to my home network when security is enabled.

Instead of asking for a password (for Wi-Fi) or ask the hard disk (for port gigabit), the system displays a screen that says no network connection available. The only option was to "Reboot". If you reboot, you will leave the words same results other hand, in an infinite loop! Obviously, this is a mistake, but hey, this is beta software, right?

Way to avoid this error is to press Ctrl-Alt-Del when the system searches the network (but before the "network not found" window will open). The right selection key, kill the process that checks for updates and then install the driver manually.

Installing the Connector software for Individual users is easier than in the original version of WHS. No need to copy the application on a CD or USB, or manually, go to server to download it.

The Vail Dashboard is more user-friendly, and actually has useful built-in help and walk-throughs.

Instead, open a browser and type the name of http://server / connect, where the server name is the name you gave to the server during installation. Then you can download and install the WHS connector on the target system. Note that a version of the connector can be downloaded for Mac OS X and Windows.

If you have a computer set to automatically start Windows, install the WHS Connector want to disable this function. Until WHS has begun, and all passwords are set consistently, you must manually log in as this is a home server, Business Server, we recommend you log in the system, and an account! Sign in to your WHS the same. When the user names and passwords are created and are the same, you can re-enable automatic login to the computer.

You’ll want to confi gure automatic backups once you’ve got all your systems set up.

It’s easy to confi gure the new media server capabilities, including transcoding-quality settings.

Instead, open a browser and type the name of http://server / connect, where the server name is the name you gave to the server during installation. Then you can download and install the WHS connector on the target system. Note that a version of the connector can be downloaded for Mac OS X and Windows.

If you have a computer set to automatically start Windows, install the WHS Connector want to disable this function. Until WHS has begun, and all passwords are set consistently, you must manually log in as this is a home server, Business Server, we recommend you log in the system, and an account! Sign in to your WHS the same. When the user names and passwords are created and are the same, you can re-enable automatic login to the computer.

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Top 20 Google Chrome Extensions / Plugins For Bloggers And Web Developers

In April 2010, Google Chrome was the third most popular browser with 6.73% of the usage share of web browsers worldwide, according to Net Applications. Although Firefox is the browser used by top bloggers, webmasters, web designers and web developers, Google Chrome also caught a lot of attention because of its speed and simplicity.

Here are some of the main Google Chrome extensions useful for the design of Web Blogging, and development. Some of them are very popular Firefox add-ons as well! Do not forget to take a look at my other post 25 Best Firefox Add-ons for bloggers and web designers.

Please read this post from the Google Chrome browser, because you can not add extensions for other browsers Chrome! :)

Extension RSS Feed
This extension automatically detects RSS son on the page you are reading and research, it will display an RSS icon in the Omnibox, you can click to see the flow of content and subscribe. The extension comes with four predefined feed readers (Google Reader, iGoogle, My Yahoo and Bloglines), and also lets you add any feed reader web based his election to the list.
Add to Chrome

Zemanta expands the author blogging on a regular, populating it on the fly with suggestions for content related to the current text. It contains images, links, articles, tags in a simple interface. It supports Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Ning, Drupal, LiveJournal platform, Tumblr, and e-mail, Google Mail and Yahoo Mail.
Add to Chrome

Chrome SEO
Google Chrome SEO extension provides easy access to SEO tools that can help you with the competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink checks, checks and other daily tasks pagerank SEO.
Add to Chrome

SEO Pagerank Status / Alexa Toolbar
Status of SEO is easy. It will check the Google Page Rank (PR) & Alexa rankings for each page. Using this will also increase your Alexa.
Add to Chrome

Xmarks Synchronize Bookmarks
Backup and synchronize your bookmarks and open tabs in computers and browsers. Xmarks also available for Firefox, Safari and IE.
Add to Chrome

URL Shortener goo.gl
URL Shortener goo.gl is a plug-in that allows you to shorten the URL of the current page URL Shortener new Google service. When packaged url is automatically copied to the clipboard and you can share on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Delicious, Digg, MySpace, Google Reader, Gmail the default mail client.
Add to Chrome

Web Developer
Web Developer extension adds a toolbar in the browser with various web developer tools.
Add to Chrome

Draw a leader who will help you to get width and height of each pixel element on a web page.
Add to Chrome

Test resolution
An extension developers to test Web pages in different screen resolutions, with an option to set their own resolutions.
Add to Chrome

Metal Grease is a UserScript runtime for Google Chrome. The runtime hosts userscripts (small JavaScript files that modify the pages are shown) to be executed on Google Chrome, similar to what Greasemonkey does for Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Greasekit done.
Add to Chrome

LastPass is an online password manager and Form Filler free that makes your web browsing easier and safer. That captures passwords and lets you create strong passwords easily. Your data is encrypted locally before loading so that even LastPass can not access them!
Add to Chrome

Picnik Extension
Chrome Picnik extension you can easily change the images that you encounter while surfing the web. When you click, you can create a snapshot of the current web page and open it in Picnik for easy installation, additions and sharing.
Add to Chrome

Google Dictionary
To continue, you can double-click a word to see its definition in a small pop-up bubble, and view the entire definition of any word or phrase in the dictionary using the address bar.
Add to Chrome

Feedly organizes your favorite sources in a start page magazine-like. A quick and convenient way to read and share content from your favorite sites and services. Provides seamless integration with Google Reader, Twitter, Delicious, YouTube and Amazon.
Add to Chrome

Google Reader Notifier
Show unread items in Google Reader account. By clicking to view a preview of pop or a player to open the account.
Add to Chrome

Gmail Checker Plus
Displays the number of unread messages in Gmail and Google Apps inbox. Mail Overview, read, delete, archive and mark it as spam.
Add to Chrome

WiseStamp - mail signatures in Gmail, Google Apps, and more
Enable Gmail, Google Mail and Google Apps email with dynamic email signatures. Add to Twitter, Facebook, Digg and more. HTML support multiple signatures.
Add to Chrome

Post to Twitter from Chrome's toolbar. The title and the URL of the current page, automatically became a book to send simple text links.
Add to Chrome

Facebook in Google Chrome
Extension that lets you play your Facebook news service and the wall. You can also send status updates.
Add to Chrome

Share a web page with your friends directly from the page you are. This extension adds a button in the toolbar from your browser. 100 + currently supports services like Google Buzz, WordPress, Blogger, Delicious, Digg, Yahoo Buzz, Reddit, Mixx, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, Plurk, etc.
Add to Chrome

Google Translator
This extension adds buttons to the toolbar of your browser. Click the icon to start when you want to translate the page you are visiting.
Add to Chrome

RemindMe allows you to set reminders while you search and synchronize between multiple computers.
Add to Chrome

Speed ​​Tracer
Speed ​​Tracer is a tool to help identify and correct performance problems in your web applications. Displays the settings are at low points of instrumentation in the browser and the analysis and the application is running. Speed ​​Tracer is available as an extension of chrome and works on all platforms where extensions are currently supported (Windows and Linux). You must run the Google Chrome developers to use the channel tracking speed.
Add to Chrome

Hope you can enjoy and helpfully .....


Games PC; Art Of Murder: Deadly Secrets Final Portable

New Yk city was beaten with a series of murders and the death toll mounting. FBI Agent Nicole Bonnet F to find an advantage it has become impossible as it seems that the victims are all antiques and collects and unrelated to the other. Stop the murderer winds befe another person died in the Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets? Atmosphere of mystery

  • Fantastic gameplay
  • Stop the serial killer!


Download :

Art Of Murder: Deadly Secrets Final Portable

Pass : www.p30day.com


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Games PC; Conspiracies II Lethal Networks 2011

In late 2063, Earth joined the Galactic Alliance device as a member. Now for the first time, the Earth is waiting for a significant improvement in their situation.

All believe that a new era to bring closer cooperation with other civilizations. A new era of development and prosperity that leads to the final solution to the political, economic and social in the world.

Nick Delio, a former private detective, and now is a secret agent of the government once accused of attempted murder against Annita Argyriou, chairman of the powerful SA Detronics, he realizes that someone has framed him. In his attempt to find the truth, he will find himself in the middle of the network of conspiracy exists in several Galactic device, even threatening its very existence.

Conspiracies II - Lethal Networks is a Full Motion Video (FMV), the 3D adventure game. It includes a lot of 3D puzzles and riddles, a great conspiracy story complex, funny dialogue and situations, which landed a story in a unique way.

The game's hero, Nick Delios, with friends around the world, experience new adventures trying to save the Earth, meet new people, facing new enemies, revealing new conspiracy involving the different planets in our galaxy now.

  • 34 hours of game play
  • Up to 12 different levels- “worlds” with over 8-10 locations each
  • Up to 360,000 polygons for each location
  • Over 3.000 high definition textures
  • Simple point and click 3D gameplay with a unique hint system friendly to casual players, with challenges designed for the hardcore audience.
  • PhysX Nvidia Engine for sophisticated dragging and moving objects, driving vehicles through tunnels and much more
  • High Resolution Shading Lightmaps and Shaders 2.0 + support
  • Over 2 hours of high definition video with 80 different actors
  • Over 90 minutes of orchestral and electronic music.
  • Full Length Film scoring soundtrack

System requirements
  • Processor: Intel P4, 1.8 Ghz or AMD Athlon 64
  • 512 Mb of RAM
  • 9 Gb hard disk space available
  • Graphics board of at least 128 Mb - and support of Shaders 2.0 and above
  • Operating System, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Download :
Conspiracies II Lethal Networks 2011 part1
Conspiracies II Lethal Networks 2011 part2
Conspiracies II Lethal Networks 2011 part3
Conspiracies II Lethal Networks 2011 part4

pass : www.p30day.com


TOP 10 Ancient Highways

In this world there are so many Ancient Highways. On this occasion I will write about TOP 10 Ancient Highways scattered in various parts of the world.

The Old North Trail, North America

Blackfoot Indians traveled along the Old Northern Road, which originally extended about 2,000 miles (3220 km) from Canada to Mexico, along the "backbone of the world" that the Americans later called the Rockies. It took four years Blackfoot to get from one end to the travel industry, travel to the sacred, or find a wife. You can visit the fragments are still visible in Glacier National Park in Montana.

The Nakasendo Highway, Japan
This narrow, 17 highway linking century Kyoto and Edo (modern Tokyo) was built along the route of an old track. Running to 310 miles (500 km) along the shores of Lake Biwa, through mountain ranges and down on the Kanto plain around Edo, it was meant for horses and pedestrians and Japan not to use carts. Parts of the quiet road has been preserved and restored, which means you have to walk to, like most of its original passengers did.

The Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail, Hong Kong, China
For centuries, people traveled along the rough road between Yuen Long and Tsuen Wan in what is now New Territories of Hong Kong. Today, the two ends of the embedded path into a sprawl many malls and traffic jams, but the medium is still a delightful oasis of peace.

The Khmer Highway, Cambodia/Thailand
This former 140-mile (225 km) road from Angkor, Cambodia, and Phimai, Thailand, and was sacred to the Cambodian empire "god-king" who traveled the road visiting temples and religious ceremonies with fire, water and linga (phallic sculptures of stone). Most are now covered with jungle, but you can still visit many temples and drive an area close to Phimai.

The Old Great North Road, Australia
The famous masterpiece of the 19 st century technology, the road is also a sad but condemn the use of employees, some strains, to build it. It 'started in Sydney and ended in Newcastle in New South Wales Hunter Valley. Some sections follow the ancient indigenous songs.

The Persian Royal Road, Turkey to Iran
Darius the Great of Persia developed this road linking the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, the career of Sardis northwestern Turkey through Mesopotamia to Susa in Iran. King Midas, the prophet Daniel, Queen Esther, the historian Herodotus, and conqueror Alexander the Great found in the call of those who traveled along it.

The King’s Highway, Egypt to Syria
It was one of the great trade routes of the Middle East in biblical times, from Egypt through the Sinai to the Gulf of Aqaba, and then north of Syria. He spent several pilgrimage sites such as Mount Nebo, Jordan, where Moses saw the Promised Land.

The Via Egnatia, Albania to Turkey
The Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, Crusaders, Venetians, Ottomans and Austrians have all used this way on the stunning mountains of the Balkan Peninsula. Roman proconsul Cn Egnatius he built in the first century BC connecting the Adriatic Sea to the Aegean Sea and the Bosphorus.

The Amber Road, Russia to Italy
Since ancient times, gold amber "North" was changed in this way from the Baltic to the Adriatic. Today is a fascinating journey to follow in St. Petersburg through Central and Eastern Europe in Venice.

The Via Augusta, Spain
Follow the road is named after the Emperor Augustus, Cadiz in Andalusia on the north by modern Coll Panissars in Catalonia in the Pyrenees. There he joined the Domitian, and goes to Rome, where all roads.


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New Found Comet; May Be Visible From Earth In 2013

It is found comet approaches the sun, and when you get here in 2013, you may be able to see with the naked eye.

Astronomers came across the icy intruder June 5 during the search for potentially hazardous asteroids.

Equipped with the most camera-1, 400 million pixels, the University of Hawaii Pan-STARRS team hung a small picture of the strange object while he was over 700 million miles (1.1 billion km), between the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn. (Explore an interactive solar energy.)

"Almost everything we find is an asteroid, but this object was suspect," said Richard Wainscoat, co-discoverer of the comet and an astronomer at the University of Hawaii.

"Unlike asteroids, which appear as points in the images, was the telltale sign that it has distributed to its appearance blurred."

In March 2013, the comet, named C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) are expected within 30 million miles (48,000,000 kilometers) closer to the sun that even the innermost planet, Mercury.

When the comet makes its closest to the sun, more of its ice evaporates, which increases its envelope foggy gas and dust, producing the familiar tail.

This denser envelope, or coma, should increase the peak brightness of the comet, so it can be seen with the naked eye low in the west just after sunset.

Runaway South comet

Although there is no danger of collision with Earth, the preliminary calculations of the orbit of the comet indicates that this could be the first and last trip through the solar system.

"That could be coming around the sun first, and only to be expelled from the solar system, never to return," said Wainscoat.

"Why do not we have a lot of information, do not really know the track pretty well right now, and it takes up to two months to determine the outcome."

Astronomers believe that C/2011 L4 can be a fugitive from the Oort Cloud, a reservoir of billions of comets that orbit in hibernation about 100,000 times more than the distance between Earth and sun.

"The current path of the comet is typical of those suspected of being derived from the Oort Cloud, said he comes from the south the land rises in the back of the sun and in the northern sky, just nearly perpendicular to the planet in the solar system "Wainscoat said.

That's going around the back of the sun from our point of view may ultimately affect the visibility of the comet, but much depends on the proximity of the body is actually the sun.

Even if a comet is north or south of the sun, when it reaches peak brightness of which hemisphere of the earth can have a better picture.

For now, "we think it will be a target of binoculars easy, but it may well do so to open the eyes level and there is even a potential that can be visible during the day," said Wainscoat.

"But it's just really too early to tell. We can not know for sure until a couple of weeks before it arrives."


Games PC; Storm Frontline Nation 2011

STORM - Frontline Nation is revolutionizing the genre of turn-based strategy with an incredible depth and strategy of a screenplay. The scarcity of resources and a prolonged economic crisis plunged half the world into war, that can not be solved by force of arms. The atmosphere of tension Laden has a multitude of nations mobilize the troops and the pursuit of advanced warfare. New groups are created, they enter into agreements and alliances to turn to war. The player has a variety of possibilities available to them in terms of resources and management of the troops. A great freedom of action in the areas of control, research and diplomacy allows the player to secure world domination by one nation. The perfect blend of strategy and combat is turn-STORM - Frontline unique nation.

STORM - Frontline Nation has two game modes: Campaign and Skirmish.

Campaign - two strategic campaigns are available, one in which you can play as one of Germany, France, Russia, the United Kingdom or the United States the story-driven experience, and one where you can play as one of 45 countries.

Skirmish - In this game mode you play a single battle. Several parameters for the fight can be customized, including silver, light cycle, weather conditions and the level of technology.

System requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Pentium 4 or 100% compatible
Memory: 1GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 2GB
Video Card: DirectX 9 compatible with min. 128MB video memory
DirectX®: 9
Sound: DirectX 9 compatible

Download :
Storm Frontline Nation 2011 Part1
Storm Frontline Nation 2011 Part2
Storm Frontline Nation 2011 Part3
Storm Frontline Nation 2011 Part4
Storm Frontline Nation 2011 Part5

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Games PC; Air Conflicts: Secret Wars 2011

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flight simulator set for World War II scenario +. During his seven campaigns, the player must fly and fight with more than 48 missions. Before the start, the player can choose from different aircraft, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

The missions that the player has different objectives, such as patrols, sneak, Hit & Run, bombings and the escorts. The objectives are presented as dialogues between different characters. After a couple of missions, a player can improve their ability to maneuver the aircraft easier, more resistance and stimulated his wingman. In addition, the player can choose between two regimes of control. Arcade and simulation. The former makes the game easier to control, while the second gives more options to control the aircraft.

In addition to the campaign, the game also features multiplayer modes, local and Internet for up to eight players.


Seven campaigns, each based on the resistance movement of World War II The only historical battles as the siege of Tobruk, Battle of Neretva River Bridge and the Belt mission to Poland.

Fight for the main causes of resistance movements such as the People's Liberation Army and the partisan divisions of Yugoslavia, the Polish Armia Krajowa, and the French Maquis.

Action-packed gameplay provide the excitement of the battle standard in a manner accessible to all. More than twenty different landscapes, each individually, accurately detailed the period. Pilot over 16 individual flights, in both world wars parameters machine gun your enemies, Dog Fight, bomb ground targets, and rocket troops and enemy vehicles 49 missions offer varied gameplay combat, stealth and exploration.

The player controls a plane either with the mouse and keyboard or joystick the player can choose between two control systems: arcade and simulation. The former makes the game easier to control, while the second gives more options to control the airplane several multiplayer modes, local and on the Internet for up to eight players

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Procesor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66 GHz / AMD Athlon X 2 255 II
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard disk: 3 GB
  • Video: nVidia GeForce GTS 150 / ATI Radeon HD 5670 512MB
  • DirectX 9

Download :
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars 2011 Part1
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars 2011 Part2
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars 2011 Part3
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars 2011 Part4

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The movie Black Hawk Down was one of the biggest box office draws of 2001, and it earned its director, Ridley Scott, an Oscar nomination. (He didn't win, but the movie got two Academy Awards for editing and sound.) Based on Mark Bowden's nonfiction book of the same title, it concerns the disastrous raid of Mogadishu, Somalia, by US elite soldiers in 1993.

One of these Special Forces soldiers underwent a name-change as he moved from the printed page to the big screen. Ranger John "Stebby" Stebbins became Ranger Danny Grimes when played by Scottish heartthrob Ewan McGregor. Why? Because in 2000, Stebbins was courtmartialed and sent to the stockade for rape and sodomy of a child under twelve.

This decidedly unheroic turn of events was confirmed by the Army, the Fort Leavenworth military prison (Stebby's home for the next 30 years), and Black Hawk Down's author. Bowden told the New York Post that the Army asked him to change Stebbins' name in the screenplay in order to avoid embarrassing the military.

In an email to the newspaper, Stebby's ex-wife, Nora Stebbins, wrote: "They are going to make millions off this film in which my ex-husband is portrayed as an All-American hero when the truth is he is not."

The U.S. Government Is The Number Of Convictions Obtained TERRORISM

Naturally, the Justice Department likes to trumpet the convictions of terrorists. Otherwiselaunch a major advertising and enable people to sleep comfortably at night, this means more money for the department. The problem is that the numbers are a farce.

The story began when the Philadelphia Inquirer examined the belief that the legal framework Department said that terrorism involved in the five years ending September 30, 2001 May.They found ridiculous examples of misclassification:

In one striking example, a U.S. assistant attorney San Francisco asked the district judgeMarilyn H. Patel on Monday to tighten Arizona man was convicted of drunk on a United Airlines flight from Shanghai, repeatedly rang the call button, requires more alcohol, and put his hands on a stewardess. Justice Department records show the case
as "domestic terrorism".

In another case, "fighting the eviction of the tenant called the landlord, impersonated an FBI agent, and said that the agency does not want the tenant evicted. The man recognized the voice and donor called the real FBI. "

Another "terrorist" incidents included prisoners rioting for better food, "former court employee who shoved and threatened a judge, "and" [s], although the Chinese sailors [who] were convicted resume a Taiwanese fishing boat and sail in the U.S. to Guam, where they hoped To obtain political asylum. "

After this conspiracy was exposed, the Republican Congressman Dan Burton asked the General Accounting Office - a unit that examines the issues of government is not partisan Congress - to consider the Justice Department alleged conviction for terrorism. Indeed, the GAO indicated that the situation is not as rosy as we said.

In the years after 9 / 11 - from September 30, 2001, on that date the following year - Justice Department said that 288 terrorists have been convicted in the United States for their heinous crimes. But the GAO found that at least 132 of these cases (about 42 per cent) had nothing to do with to terrorism. Because the methodology of the GAO has not reviewed all of the other 166 words, it refers to its accuracy as "doubtful."

The disappointment is even worse when you approach the cases classified as "international terrorism, "which is the most sensational of all. of 174 such sentences, 131 (a astonishing 75 per cent) was not really about terror. After all this humiliation, the Justice Department should have cleaned up their act, right? This is what told the Philadelphia Inquirer. Well, the monitoring role on "terrorism" in the first case two months of 2003. Of the 56 federal cases allegedly related to terrorism, were at least 41 false. Eight of them involved Puerto Ricans protest use of Vieques as a naval attack area. The prosecutor dealing with these cases, says he does not know because they have been classified such as terrorism. Similarly, 28 Latinos arrested for working at airports with false papers, and U.S. attorney spokesman said they were not suspects, including terrorism.

The most ridiculous, "a Middle Eastern man indicted in Detroit for allegedly passing NSF has the same name as the leader of Hezbollah. "


It's no big secret that the Central Intelligence Agency breaks the law. But just how often its does in is a shocker. A Congressional report reveals that the CIA's spooks "engage in highly illegal activities" at least 100,000 times each year (which breaks down to hundreds of crimes every day). Mind you, we aren't talking about run-of-the-mill illegal activities — these are "highly illegal activities" that "break extremely serious laws."

In 1996, the House of Representatives' Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released a huge report entitled "IC21: The Intelligence Community in the 21st Century." Buried amid hun-dreds of pages is a single, devastating paragraph:

The CS [clandestine service] is the only part of the IC [intelligence community], indeed of the government, where hundreds of employees on a daily basis are directed to break extremely serious laws in countries around the world in the face of frequently sophisticated efforts by foreign governments to catch them. A safe estimate is that several hundred times every day (easily 100,000 times a year) DO [Directorate of Operations] officers engage in highly illegal activities (according to foreign law) that not only risk political embarrassment to the US but also endanger the freedom if not lives of the participating foreign nationals and, more than occasionally, of the clandestine officer himself.

Amazingly, there is no explanation, no follow-up. The report simply drops this bombshell and moves on as blithely as if it had just printed a grocery list.

One of the world's foremost experts on the CIA — John Kelly, who uncovered this revelation — notes that this is "the first official admission and definition of CIA covert operations as crimes." He goes on to say:

The report suggested that the CIA's crimes include murder and that "the targets of the CS[Clandestine Service] are increasingly international and transnational and a global presence is increasingly crucial to attack those targets." In other words, we are not talking about simply stealing secrets. We are talking about the CIA committing crimes against humanity with de facto impunity and con-gressional sanctioning.

Other government documents, including CIA reports, show that the CIA's crimes include terrorism, assassination, torture, and systematic violations of human rights. The documents also show that these crimes are part and parcel of deliberate CIA policy (the[congressional] report notes that CIA personnel are "directed" to commit crimes).


Before he was Pope Pius II, Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini was a poet, scholar, diplomat, and rakehell. And an author. In fact, he wrote a bestseller. People in fifteenth-century Europe couldn't get enough of his Latin novella Historia de duobus amantibus. An article in a scholarly publication on literature claims that Historia "was undoubtedly one of the most read stories of the whole Renaissance." The Oxford edition gives a Cliff Notes version of the storyline: "The Goodli History tells of the illicit love of Euralius, a high official in the retinue of the [German] Emperor Sigismund, and Lucres, a married lady from Siena [Italy]."

It was probably written in 1444, but the earliest known printing is from Antwerp in 1488. By the turn of the century, 37 editions had been published. Somewhere around 1553, the short book appeared in English under the wonderfully old-school title The Goodli History of the Moste Noble and Beautyfull Ladye Lucres of Scene in Tuskane, and of Her Louer Eurialus Verye Pleasaunt and Delectable vnto ye Reder. Despite the obvious historical interest of this archaic Vatican porn, it has never been translated into contemporary language. (The passages quoted below mark the first time that any of the book has appeared in modern English.)

The 1400s being what they were, the action is pretty tame by today's standards. At one point, Euralius scales a wall to be with Lucres: "When she saw her lover, she clasped him in her arms. There was embracing and kissing, and with full sail they followed their lusts and wearied Venus, now with Ceres, and now with Bacchus was refreshed." Loosely translated, that last part means that they shagged, then ate, then drank wine.

His Holiness describes the next time they hook up:
Thus talking to each other, they went into the bedroom, where they had such a night as we judge the two lovers Paris and Helen had after he had taken her away, and it was so pleasant that they thought Mars and Venus had never known such pleasure....
Her mouth, and now her eyes, and now her cheeks he kissed. Pulling down her clothes, he saw such beauty as he had never seen before. "I have found more, I believe," said Euralius, "than Acteon saw of Diana when she bathed in the fountain. What is more pleasant or more fair than these limbs?... O fair neck and pleasant breasts, is it you that I touch? Is it you that I have? Are you in my hands? O round limbs, O sweet body, do I have you in my arms?... O pleasant kisses, O dear embraces, O sweet bites, no man alive is happier than I am, or more blessed."...
He strained, and she strained, and when they were done they weren't weary. Like Athens, who rose from the ground stronger, soon after battle they were more desirous of war.

But Euralius isn't just a horndog. He waxes philosophical about love to Lucres' cousin-in-law:
You know that man is prone to love. Whether it is virtue or vice, it reigns everywhere. No heart of flesh hasn't sometime felt the pricks of love. You know that neither the wise Solomon nor the strong Sampson has escaped from this passion. Furthermore, the nature of a kindled heart and a foolish love is this: The more it is allowed, the more it burns, with nothing sooner healing this than the obtaining of the loved. There have been many, both in our time and that of our elders, whose foolish love has been the cause of cruel death. And many who, after sex and love vouchsafed, have stopped burning. Nothing is better when love has crept into your bones than to give in to the burning, for those who strive against the tempest often wreck, while those who drive with the storm escape.

Besides sex and wisdom, the story also contains a lot of humor, as when Lucres' \ husband borrows a horse from Euralius: "He says to himself, 'If you leap upon my horse, I shall do the same thing to your wife.'"

Popes just don't write books like that anymore!


First Amendment battles continue to rage across the US over the posting of the Ten Command-ments in public places — courthouses, schools, parks, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. Christians argue that they're a part of our Western heritage that should be displayed as ubiquitously as traffic signs. Congressman Bob Barr hilariously suggested that the Columbine massacre wouldn't have happened if the Ten Commandments (also called the Decalogue) had been posted in the high school, and some government officials have directly, purposely disobeyed court rulings against the display of these ten directives supposedly handed down from on high.

Too bad they're all talking about the wrong rules.

Every Decalogue you see — from the 5,000-pound granite behemoth inside the Alabama State Judicial Building to the little wallet-cards sold at Christian bookstores — is bogus. Simply reading the Bible will prove this. Getting out your King James version, turn to Exodus 20:2-17. You'll see the familiar list of rules about having no other gods, honoring your parents, not killing or coveting, and so on. At this point, though, Moses is just repeating to the people what God told him on Mount Si'nai. These are not written down in any form.
Later, Moses goes back to the Mount, where God gives him two "tables of stone" with rules written on them (Exodus 31:18). But when Moses comes down the mountain lugging his load, he sees the people worshipping a statue of a calf, causing him to throw a tantrum and smash the tablets on the ground (Exodus 32:19).
In neither of these cases does the Bible refer to "commandments." In the first instance, they are "words" which "God spake," while the tablets contain "testimony." It is only when Moses goes back for new tablets that we see the phrase "ten commandments" (Exodus 34:28). In an interesting turn of events, the commandments on these tablets are significantly different than the ten rules Moses recited for the people, meaning that either Moses' memory is faulty or God changed his mind.
Thus, without further ado, we present to you the real "Ten Commandments" as handed down by the LORD unto Moses (and plainly listed in Exodus 34:13-28). We eagerly await all the new Decalogues, which will undoubtedly contain this correct version:

I. Thou shalt worship no other god.
II. Thou shalt make thee no molten gods.
III.. The feast of unleavened bread thou shalt keep
IV. Six days thou shalt work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest.
V. Thou shalt observe the feast of weeks, of the firstfruits of wheat harvest, and the feast of
ingathering at the year's end.
VI. Thrice In the year shall all your men children appear before the Lord God.
VII. Thou shalt not offer the blood of my sacrifice with leaven.
VIII. Neither shall the sacrifice of the feast of the passover be left unto the morning.
IX. The first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring unto the house of the LORD thy God.
X. Thou shalt not seethe a kid [ie, a young goat] in his mother's milk.

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NASA's Reveals Black Holes In The Universe in early

Using the deepest X-ray ever taken, the researchers found the first direct evidence that blacks massive holes were common in the early universe. This discovery from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory show that the smaller holes blacks have grown more aggressively than previously thought, with the growth of the host galaxies.

Chandra pointing to a corner of the sky for more than six weeks, astronomers have obtained what is known as the Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS). When combined with deep optical imaging and infrared Hubble Space Telescope, the new Chandra data enabled the astronomers to search for black holes in distant galaxies 200, when the universe was about 800 to 950 million years.

"Until now we had no idea that blacks holes in these early galaxies were doing, or if they still exist," said Ezequiel Treister of the University of Hawaii, author of the study, occurring June 16 issue of Nature. "Now we know that there are, and grow like gangbusters."

Ultra-high growth means that black holes in the CDFS are less extreme versions of quasars - very bright, rare objects powered by material falling into supermassive black holes. But sources in the CDFS is about one hundred times lower, and black holes are about a thousand times less massive than those in quasars.

Observations found that between 30 and 100 percent of distant galaxies contain more of supermassive black holes. Extrapolate these results from the small field of view to the sky, there are at least 30 million of supermassive black holes at the beginning of the universe. This is a factor of 10,000 larger than the estimated number of quasars in the early universe.

"We seem to have found a whole new culture of holes black baby," says co-author Kevin Schawinski Yale University. "We believe that these children will grow by a factor of about a hundred or a thousand, eventually become like giant black holes we see today almost 13 billion years after. "

A population of young black holes in the early universe had been predicted but not yet observed. Detailed calculations show that the total growth of black holes observed by this team is about one hundred times higher than recent estimates.

Because these are almost all black holes surrounded by thick clouds of gas and dust optical telescopes often can not detect them. However, the high-energy X-rays of light penetrate these veils and black holes on the inside to be examined.

Physicists who study black holes want to know more about how the first supermassive black hole formed and how they grow. Although the evidence a parallel growth of black holes and galaxies has been established to bring together the distances, the new Chandra results show that the connection is initiated earlier than planned, perhaps from the start of two.

"Most astronomers believe the universe today are black holes and galaxies as a kind of symbiosis in the way they grow," says Priya Natarajan, co-author of Yale University. "We have shown codependent relationship that has existed since ancient times. "

See an animation of a black hole hidden:

Watch the video of the Chandra Deep Field South:

It was suggested that the first black hole play an important role in cleaning up the cosmic "fog" of neutral or uncharged, hydrogen permeating the universe at the beginning, when the temperature cooled after the Big Bang. However, the study shows that the dust covers Chandra and ultraviolet radiation generated by the gas stop black hole to travel abroad to make this re-ionization. "Therefore, the stars and do not push the black hole is likely to the fog has cleared the cosmic dawn.

Chandra is capable of detecting very small objects at great distances, but these black holes are so obscured that photons may escape relatively low and therefore could not be identified individually. Instead, the team used a technique based on the ability of Chandra to determine the direction from the x-rays add up all the heads of X-rays near the position of distant galaxies and find a statistically significant signal.

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala., a program run by the Mission Director of the Office Chandra Science in Washington. Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory controls Chandra science and flight operations from Cambridge, Mass.

More information, including images and other multimedia files can be found at: