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Games PC; Conspiracies II Lethal Networks 2011

In late 2063, Earth joined the Galactic Alliance device as a member. Now for the first time, the Earth is waiting for a significant improvement in their situation.

All believe that a new era to bring closer cooperation with other civilizations. A new era of development and prosperity that leads to the final solution to the political, economic and social in the world.

Nick Delio, a former private detective, and now is a secret agent of the government once accused of attempted murder against Annita Argyriou, chairman of the powerful SA Detronics, he realizes that someone has framed him. In his attempt to find the truth, he will find himself in the middle of the network of conspiracy exists in several Galactic device, even threatening its very existence.

Conspiracies II - Lethal Networks is a Full Motion Video (FMV), the 3D adventure game. It includes a lot of 3D puzzles and riddles, a great conspiracy story complex, funny dialogue and situations, which landed a story in a unique way.

The game's hero, Nick Delios, with friends around the world, experience new adventures trying to save the Earth, meet new people, facing new enemies, revealing new conspiracy involving the different planets in our galaxy now.


  • 34 hours of game play
  • Up to 12 different levels- “worlds” with over 8-10 locations each
  • Up to 360,000 polygons for each location
  • Over 3.000 high definition textures
  • Simple point and click 3D gameplay with a unique hint system friendly to casual players, with challenges designed for the hardcore audience.
  • PhysX Nvidia Engine for sophisticated dragging and moving objects, driving vehicles through tunnels and much more
  • High Resolution Shading Lightmaps and Shaders 2.0 + support
  • Over 2 hours of high definition video with 80 different actors
  • Over 90 minutes of orchestral and electronic music.
  • Full Length Film scoring soundtrack

System requirements
  • Processor: Intel P4, 1.8 Ghz or AMD Athlon 64
  • 512 Mb of RAM
  • 9 Gb hard disk space available
  • Graphics board of at least 128 Mb - and support of Shaders 2.0 and above
  • Operating System, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Download :
Conspiracies II Lethal Networks 2011 part1
Conspiracies II Lethal Networks 2011 part2
Conspiracies II Lethal Networks 2011 part3
Conspiracies II Lethal Networks 2011 part4

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