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DEATHMATCH; Windows Phone vs. Android

Previously smartphone Deathmatch (November 2010): In a surprise upset, the Google Android beat both the Blackberry and Apple iPhone OS merits of customization, flexibility and rapid swelling of application support. This month we are launching a Windows Mobile 7 in a cage with the iPhone killer. Microsoft may nascent mobile operating system to keep the contents side, against an angry androids? It 'time to find out.

EASE OF USE Windows Mobile home screen is all I want a phone: a fascinating, dynamic and functional. Android has a customizable home screen, and love the ability to insert widgets, but in the end, the desktop metaphor seems a bit 'dated. WinPhone use of triumphs class all-in-one approach to Android. In general, Microsoft has created a lot easier at a glance the user interface. We considered penalized Windows Mobile 7, the lack of copy / paste, but then we tried to remember the last time we used, we call each other, and could not.
WINNER: Windows Mobile

FLEXIBILITY AND CUSTOMIZATION Microsoft said the simplicity of its mobile operating system, and the end result is that, apart from the ability to change color and position of the tabs on the homepage, you can not change a lot of interface all. We like Android in this sense because it allows a lot of control over our mobile environment. You can change almost all elements of the desktop, applications and settings powermanagement.
WINNER: Android

APPLICATION AND DEVELOPER SUPPORT Android applications are more than 100,000. At launch, Windows, the phone was only a few thousand, and the lack of large classes, like all Google applications (no surprise there), instant messaging and much more. Over time, Microsoft shut WinPhone results and use of games is a novel, but at this time, this class is a breeze.
WINNER: Android

EMAIL AND MESSAGING Both of these operating systems, "e-mail programs are easy to install and offer integrated support for Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, and POP. User interface design from Microsoft and the color is slightly better than Android, especially because we can see three lines of text to the default view. Although Windows Mobile threaded SMS looks and feels better as the Android, you can download the text of the superior third-party customers in the Android Marketplace. This is too close to call, especially since the two client messages are top notch.

MEDIA STORAGE AND PLAYBACK Android is flexible in how it deals with the media. You can synchronize music with Windows Media Player or other synchronization client (except for the Zune and iTunes) and you can drag / drop directly from Windows for your device. Windows Phone works particularly well with the Zune, which gives you access to a massive music library for $ 15 per month and also gives you the card to access movies and TV shows. And you can sync your phone with your PC.
WINNER: Windows Phone

PHOTOS AND STORAGE These days, most of them are the equivalent of several rolls of fi lm in our pockets. The question, as always, what the hell we do with all these pictures? Both Windows and Android Phone offers easy ways to get photos taken. However, the ability of Windows Phone to automatically download photos on Facebook or SkyDrive, and the ability to view all photos of our friends and is so innovative that we wish we had thought.
WINNER: Windows Mobile

And the Winner Is...
The fact that Microsoft has discussed all the furniture feels like a small miracle. When the company announced that it is Windows Mobile 7 delayed earlier this year, we thought it was the kiss of death. Instead, Holy Cow! This is a unique, good-looking mobile operating system. It 'still a version 1.0, not approaching close to the level of customization available for Android users. But between the intuitive use of the basic classes of smartphone features, integrating the Zune, and a cleaner look, you declare a winner of Windows Mobile.

One last thought: One of the things we have not mentioned in this Deathmatch is the battery life. Ultimately, it would not be fair because the size of the equipment and the battery / Type is a big part of the equation. However, our tests clearly that the Windows Phone OS is much less intensive than the battery of Android. As we see more devices, we will study further.

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