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Electronic WorkBench 5.12

Circa 1995, the company was founded as Interactive Image Technologies in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Joe Koenig, and specialized in producing educational movies and documentaries. When the government of Ontario needed an educational tool for teaching electronics in colleges, the company created a circuit simulator called Electronic WorkBench 5.12. After Bill Wignall became President the company, already market leader in the educational sector, became the most popular simulation package for PC's.

In 1998 the company started a strategic partnership with another Electronic Design Automation company named Ultimate Technology from Naarden, The Netherlands who was the European market leader in Printed Circuit Board Design software, with their package ULTIboard. Like Electronic WorkBench 5.12, founder James Post had focused heavily on the educational market and gained PR fame when he organized the distribution of 180,000 demo floppy disks via electronics magazines in Europe.

In 1999 the companies merged, and renamed itself after its most well known product, Electronic WorkBench 5.12. The then current product line consisted of schematic capture and a simulation product named MultiSIM and the printed circuit board software called Ultiboard. Soon thereafter the combined product suite became worldwide leader in PC based Computer Aided Design & Engineering.

In 2005 the company was acquired by National Instruments, and was rebranded as National Instruments Electronics Workbench Group. The company's original websites, Interactiv.com and Electronic WorkBench 5.12 now redirect to their respective sections within the main National Instruments website.

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