Senin, 02 Mei 2011


Certain parties don't want you to know certain facts. For example, if Bayer were proud that it introduced heroin to the world, wouldn't that fact be on the company's Website? After all, it was one of the most popular drugs of the twentieth century. The official corporate history mentions the release of aspirin in 1899 but not heroin during the previous year.

Do you think the Catholic Church wants you to know that Pope Pius II wrote an erotic book? True, the canonical Catholic Encyclopedia does mention the title in passing, but it demurely neglects to say anything about it.
The tobacco companies finally had to cop to lung cancer, but they still prefer that you remain ignorant of all the other health problems caused by smoking. You won't see "Causes blindness" or "Doubles risk of genital cancer" on the warning label. The beef industry sued Oprah Winfrey for discussing the possibility of mad cow disease in the US, so do you think that the dairy industry will be very happy when people find out that most milk starts out containing bovine leukemia virus?
Activists have been arrested for telling people about their full powers as jurors. Plans lo nuke the Moon have been classified. The military successfully pressured a movie studio to change the name of a character in the flick Black Hawk Down; that particular commando is currently in thestockade for raping a child under twelve. Certain parties don't want you to know certain facts. That's a fact.


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