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Create a Fake AP (auto bash script)

Fake AP

fake AP can refer to:
A Honeypot computing, which is a fake access point made to attract hackers and other wireless intruders in order to collect information about them. Black Alchemy's Fake AP-application, which is a program able to create a large amount of fake Access Points (AP) to conceal a true AP among them, so an attacker will have a hard time finding the true access point to penetrate. An AP faked by a hacker in order to trick a user (of a wireless network he or she is attacking) into using it. Information gathered from this user or his/her system itself (ports, etc.) can be used to break into the wireless network. This may be done through a man-in-the-middle attack. A common program used for this purpose is AirSnarf.

Had a go at making a bash script to automate creating a 'Fake AP' (Access Point) and 'pwn' who connects to it!

This is a bash script and a few other things to make a fake access point which is transparent (allowing target afterwards to surf the inter-webs after they have been exploited!).

How does this work?

  • Creates a fake AP and DHCP server.
  • Runs a web server & creates an exploit with metasploit.
  • Waits for target to connect, download and run the exploit after it allows them to surf the Inter-webs.
  • Uses a backdoor, SBD (Secure BackDoor - bit like netcat!), though this could be replace with VNC if attacker wishes!
  • Then starts a few 'sniffing' programs (dnsiff suite) to watch what target does!

What do the needs?
  • Two interfaces, one for Internet (wired/wireless) and the other for becoming an access point (wireless only!)
  • A Internet connection (though you could mod it so its non transparent)
  • Airmon-ng, dhcpd3, apache,metasploit, dnsiff suite <--- All on BackTrack! > The script! FakeAP_pwn.7z (17.7KB, MD5 006ee8522deb5c4d71c754e94282a516)

Whats in the 7z file?
> FakeAP_pwn.sh <--- Bash script to run > FakeAP_pwn.rc <--- Metasploit resource > sbdbg.exe <--- Backdoor > dhcpd.conf <--- My DHCP script (in-case you need it) > index.html <--- The page the target is force to see before they have access to the Internet.

How To Use
  1. Extract the 7z file to /root/FakeAP_pwn.
  2. Edit FakeAP_pwn.sh with your gateway, Internet interface, wireless AP interface.
  3. sh /root/FakeAP_pwn/FakeAP_pwn.sh
  4. Wait for a connection...
  5. Game Over ...

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