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Tutorial Photoshop; Create Neytiri portrait

In this tutorial you will see a fast and efficient way of using the airbrushes when you paint. You get a smooth effect straight away instead of using several steps with liquid brushes to smooth your paintings. Using alot of layers gives us greater control and when setting layers to multiply it helps with using the same colours but in darker tints.

Step 1
I start with two layers. One with a background colour and one with the sketch on it. I work with alot of layers and if you're not exactly sure of what you are doing, you should too. I used the digital airbrush at all time when painting this but with diffrent opacitys depending on what I was doing. You can have a greater value on the opactiy when it comes to hair and details but when shadowing I like to have it around 12-25 %. So now that I have my sketch it's time to start with the fun stuff - Colouring!

Step 2
I start with a base colour. Some type of blue. I put this layer underneath the sketch layer so I can see it at all times.

Step 3
I go straight for the eyes and put some sort of orangy base colour on them. Then I start to work with the shadowing on them and go darker and darker until I'm satisfied. I put they layers for the mouth and eyes on top of the layer with the sketch on it.

Step 4
Added some more shadowing to the eyes and also some highlights. They are the key to getting a lifelike eye. She's also got some eyelashes.

Step 5
When I feel pleased with the eyes I move on to the lips and apply the same technique. A base colour and some basic shading. Think big first and then move onto the details.

Step 6
More colour on the lips and some highlights. I use white to accent the creases on the lips.

Step 7
Paint the face marking thingies with a deeper blue. They don't look awesome right now but they'll look better with some shading on them.

Step 8
Now start shading. Think big and get into the smaller details later. It may look like crap for a while but don't get discouraged! It will be better. I put the shading layers on top of the layer with the blue base colour. Since the layers for the mouth and eyes are on top of these, we can do whatever we want with the shading and it still wont affect them.

Step 9
Add some basic highlights.

Step 10
I add some turqoise colouring to the half of her face to represent the lightwrap on her from the forest and I also add more and darker shadows. A good way to shadow is to have a skin colour (in this case... blue) and then create another layer and set it to multiply. Then you get a darker version of the colour you are using and you don't have to trouble with getting wrong tints of colour. Lower the opacity on the new shadow layer if you think the colour gets too strong.

Step 11
Now I just add more and more shadows and highlights. Moving into the details.

Step 12

I work with lighter shades of the colours I already have to create a shiny feeling

Step 13

When I feel finished with the shading; I add the little sparklies. I just go loose with some light green and light blue.

Step 14
I use black as a base colour for the hair. And no, I could not motivate myself into doing all the itsy bitsy braids so she got a hairstyle worn in some other scenes in the movie. I also shade her neck.

Step 15
Add some highlights and create strands of hair. The strands colour depends on the colour of the lighting in the image.

Step 16
Some more details on the hair.

Step 17
Now I turn off the layer with the sketch on it since I don't need it anymore. Remember the first layer that was the gray background? I replace it with a colour that fits my Avatar forest better. I am now working on layers beneath the layers of Neytiri.

Step 18
Use a big brush and go nuts with colours. The background does not need to be perfect since it's not in focus.

Step 19
Final result of the background.

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