Rabu, 27 April 2011

Royal wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton relax in build-up to ceremony

Within touching distance of their wedding, you might expect Prince William and Kate Middleton to be making frantic last-minute arrangements for the biggest day of their lives.

But Prince William and Kate Middleton looked anything but a couple who are about to take their vows in front of two billion people as they adopted a distinctly low-key approach to their preparations.

Just 48 hours before she becomes a royal bride, Miss Middleton was spotted unloading a cardboard box from Tesco from her car at Clarence House.

The Prince, meanwhile, played five-a-side football in Battersea Park, south London, wearing a thrown-together kit of mismatched socks, shorts and T-shirt.

As growing numbers of people pitched tents outside Westminster Abbey to secure the best positions for tomorrow's royal wedding ceremony, and 100 broadcasters from around the world set up camp, Miss Middleton drove to Clarence House in her Audi A3, where she unpacked her belongings.

First out was a large Tesco box, followed by two outfits in black plastic covers. St James's Palace was remaining silent about what was underneath, though both outfits appeared far too slim to be a bridal gown.


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