Jumat, 29 April 2011

Firefox 4 Final Available

Firefox 4 has been a long time in the making but tomorrow (March 22, 2011) it will finally bid farewell to the protracted development process once and for all. If for some odd reason some of you simply can’t bear the wait any longer, you can download the final version a day in advance.

While the latest stable build according to the official Firefox site is still version 3.6.15, the final FF 4.0 build is available from the Mozilla releases FTP server. But that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and download it from there. Please be mindful of the fact that these FTP servers are not meant to cope with the heavy download traffic that usually accompanies a major Firefox release.

That said, you can download the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux versions of the final release from a site like FileForum without worrying about crippling the Mozilla releases FTP server. At the time of writing, the browser has already been downloaded over 80,000 times from the site.

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