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Extreme Photo of the Week

Paragliding Bazaruto Island, Mozambique
"Flying a site like this is like an out-of-body," says Gavin McClurg and paragliding in the shape-shifting sand dunes of Bazaruto Island 20 miles long. "Are you looking for out of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean endlessly churn out a huge lagoon islands of sand at high tide, and massive rivers low." And they added a hurry to be the first to paraglide there. Seasoned adventurer and photographer Jody MacDonald McClurg, I found this place and the sailing world kiteboarding, surfing and paragliding in which no one has done before in an expedition called "The Best Odyssey." "There were no signs of people just a serene beauty in every direction," says McClurg. "And it flies in the soft sand, so that no helmet or shoes were even necessary! A paraglider is rarely without stress, and just plain fun."

2011 Tour de France

Cyclists will speed Massiac during Stage 9 of Tour de France 2011. This stage of the race, there are 21 in total cover 129 miles of Issoire in Saint-Flour, in central France and was the scene of several accidents and pile-ups on wet roads. During the three weeks of the race, which ends July 24 on the Champs Elysees in Paris, the cyclists cover 2132 miles.

Bodyboarding at Shark Island, Australia

"I just wanted to have a bomb and was really enjoying the journey," says O'Leary, bodyboarders hunt to capture the two-meter wave in the challenge of Shark Island, in June 2011, near Sydney, Australia. "But I have not read the wave properly, so why should I crushed the reef." Surf brother, boogie boarding is a sport that is growing. "It 'been a real boom in new generations, not only in Australia but worldwide," said O'Leary, 19, who is boogie boarding for nine years. "People see it as a feasible means to ride the wave, like browsing the web. When you start getting the hang of, become dependent."

Climbing Near Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

"Since this crack was surprisingly confident when I was in motion," says John Furneaux climbing guide to combat the public image, 4 lengths of rope in the northern ramparts of Cape Stawamus. "Every time I tried to do a positive development, it felt like I could spit the pit at any time." Narrow spaces reserved for a spectacular view of the giant old cedar and Douglas fir, and Squamish, British Columbia, the gateway to a world-class rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, wind sports, and mountain biking. "As I'm sorry to give away my secret park," said Furneaux, "I must say that if people are looking for adventure, Squamish is really the place, they should go."

Ski Jumping in Alta, Utah

"When I go outside and get the first look at how far the earth, time stops, gets very quiet, I hear the birds singing, I drift around my thoughts all in a nanosecond," says professional skier Julian Carr flipping forward off a cliff 60 feet of the ski resort of Alta, Utah. Carr likes to run off cliffs on skis so it has two world records in sports. And with over 500 inches of annual snowfall, Alta is your favorite place on Earth to cliff jump. "Dust of light with a large base of Utah snow is the best! But do not tell anyone."

Sunset Highlining Near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Escalade, and life in general, Brazil has been totally amazing, relaxed culture, different objectives of the climb, and inspiring landscape that combines jungle, mountains and sea," said Renan Ozturk climber artist's journey to filming a documentary about Brazilian friend who died, and to capture the adventures of his native country. Here, Ozturk carefully made his way through a highline in Gavea Pierre, overlooking the twinkling lights of Rio de Janeiro. "This was a terrifying moment to capture on film because I had to line up in the dark in a vacuum and then maintain the balance in the wind as strong as my good friend Tim ran a huge flash in my face. It was a great adventure."

Stand Up Paddle Surfing in Tahiti

"I surfed and tow surfed here before," says big wave surfer Chuck Patterson of Teahupoo, Tahiti, the famous surf spot. "But I've always wondered what it would feel to get in my stand up paddle in the tube board surfing, this is what I came for." The water is sucked from the shallow, sharp reefs, when the barrel of a break below the sea level. "This wave is incredibly difficult to paddle, not to mention surfing," says Patterson. "Errors can be expensive." Photos taken a camera mounted on his ship.

Ice Climbing in Eidfjord, Norway

"I felt like climbing a chandelier," says world-renowned climber Will Gadd to complete the first ascent of 650 meters during a frigid February Skrikjofossen Eidfjord, Norway. "It was by far the most difficult stunt I've ever climbed frozen or plan." Gadd But, given the opportunity to explore the caves behind the frozen waterfall is worth the risk. "The mix of light , mood and the temporary nature of these rooms jewelry inspires respect. " Gadd itinerary have yet to see another rise.

Kayaking La Paz Falls, Costa Rica

Professional kayaker Pat Keller sinks more than 120 meters from La Paz falls in the central highlands of Costa Rica. Keller has survived the collapse of the ends broke his right hand.

BASE Jumping, Utah

A Red Bull Air Force team sponsorship BASE jumps off a cliff in southwestern Utah. The extra fabric on the wing creates lift suits allowing the driver to "fly." Parachute with a safe landing.

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