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Schoolboy, 16, who murdered his ex-girlfriend over a bet for a free breakfast

Babyfaced a schoolboy faces a life sentence after being convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend - a bet for a free breakfast.

Joshua Davies, 16, has promised a full breakfast, if he carried out his threat to kill Rebecca Aylward.

Rebecca Davies, 15, had separated, but she went to meet him, hoping to get back together.

Rebecca also bought new clothes, "date" ignorant Davies boasted to his friends how easy it would kill him.

Student obsessed had plotted to kill him, digital, in the river to drown him or throw off a cliff.

But instead of Davies, has attracted a happy and fun to Rebecca in the woods where he assaulted to death in a rock.

A murder trial heard that five weeks two days before the murder Davies texted her friend to say ". Say nothing, but you can just owe me a breakfast "

Judge Justice Lloyd Jones today lifted an order preventing the child to be named and photographed.

He said he was "in the public interest" that must be identified.

He said: "This is a crime against a small and close community, and it is right that people should know, has been convicted and was sentenced.

"I recognize that the emphasis on the welfare of the child is now changing, he was convicted of a very serious crime."

There were cheers and tears, and Rebecca's family in the public gallery at Swansea Crown Court jury that convicted a majority verdict of 10-2 after 20 hours of deliberation.

Sonia's mother Rebecca Aylward, 39, with a quiet smile as the verdict was announced.

Davies, dressed in a pale, open-necked shirt and dark trousers, showed no emotion when the jury delivered its verdict, but was in tears when the judge addressed him.

However, his family, close Aylwards the lower gallery of the population was breathless verdict.

Until now there was a ban Davies be publicly named - but the court yesterday lifted an order.
The murder trial heard how the teenage love story turned into a love-hate relationship, and finally a horrible murder.
Davies openly plotting to assassinate the cooling Rebecca texting their friends how he planned to do so.

The jury was given even a text list of proverbs and symbols used in Facebook, MSN, text and other social media to help them understand the conversations between teenagers.

In a text to a friend Davies asked: "What would you do if you really dead?"

The friend replied: "Oh, I want to buy breakfast."

Two days before the brutal murder Davies sent a message saying: ". Do not say anything, but you owe me a breakfast"

His friend replied: "The best text I've ever been a co-pilot Honestly, although I am happy to pay for breakfast ..

"I want all the details. Sadistic asshole." The text is complete with a smiley face symbol.

The court heard that on the morning of the murder Davies and his best friend, had breakfast together in the cafeteria area in the village of Aberkenfig, near Bridgend, South Wales.

Before going to visit his ex-girlfriend, his friend said: "The time has come."

GCSE students Rebecca was taken in the village with an aunt in the morning of Saturday, October 23, where Davies was waiting to meet her.

A few minutes later the pair went into the woods, where Davies took a stone and repeatedly struck his ex-girlfriend on the head.

Prosecutor Greg Taylor QC said: "When the killing of Rebecca Davies asked in the woods with his two friends meet in the woods.

"One of the children could see his long face, trembling with rage. I wanted to help.

"It flashes on her body and mind." Oh my God, is dead "

"Davies told the hood to see if she was dead, but did not."

Mr. Taylor told the court how Davies then described to his friends how he had killed the student.

He said: "Joshua told his friends:" She was part of me, and I thought, "That's what I want to go for it.

"I tried to break your neck. She screamed, so I took the stone and began to beat her with it.

"The worst thing was feeling and seeing the head give way."

Rebecca mother Sonia reported missing when he did not return to the family home in Maesteg, near Bridgend.

His body was found in the woods until the next day.

Davies has denied the murder and accused her best friend Rebecca died.

But a jury found him guilty of murder and was warned by the judge, he will be detained "at Her Majesty's pleasure".

The judge deferred sentence for psychiatric reports and decide on a minimum period of time when Davies will be eligible for parole.

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