Minggu, 15 April 2012


Not many people know, Wonogiri since 2007 have the new museum. His name was Karst Museum Indonesia. It is located in the Village District Gebangharjo Pracimantoro Wonogiri, 45 km south of the city Wonogiri. This museum illustrates the unique repertoire of karst caves in Pracimantoro.

Pracimantoro Gebangharjo Village District - the area of ​​karst research center - there are dozens of unique and stunning cave. There are Translucent Cave, Cave Mrica, Sodong Cave, Cave Potro, Sapen Cave, Cave lustrous, and Cave Sonya Ruri. Based on the research of the history and geology, the caves in Pracimantoro Wonogiri as a site worthy of the unique karst area in Indonesia.

Karst region in Pracimantoro rated best by the history and geology experts have met the criteria for the diversity of the caves, soil structure, and typical scenery. Karst area in the region is considered better than the karst region in Pacitan and the District of South Mountain.
Well, are you interested? Cassava please visit the city of the beautiful and fascinating natural shades.

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