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Find The Digital Needle: Google Helps You Take On That Haystack

Although Google’s main page remains uncluttered seven years after bursting onto the search engine scene, the company that revolutionized the way people navigate the ’Net offers a lot more than a word search. Some features share space with the Web search engine: News, Froogle, Groups, Images, and Local. But users won’t get a true sense of Google’s grip on the Internet until they click the More link and peruse the search engine’s astonishing list of services and tools.

Want to put your thoughts on display? Google has Blogger. Have to edit some photos? Google has a free tool. Need satellite images of Earth? Complimentary. Want to translate a Web page? No need to leave the ever increasing confines of Google for that feature either. Does this sound familiar yet? Consider the photo-editing, music playing, and Web-surfing tools that reside on your OS, thanks to Microsoft. Of, course, Google also offers its claim to fame, the Google search engine, free to general users.

Feeling Lucky?
You’ll find most of Google’s search engines on the main page. By default, the page displays a general Web search, but more specialized engines are only a click away. If you’re interested in a particular news story, for example, you can type your search term into the page’s only field and then click News. Google’s new search engine will scour the Web for relevant articles and then display them in a format similar to the one it uses to display other search results.

Most of the time, you’ll probably click the Google Search button (or press the ENTER key) to start your Web search, but if you want to go straight to the most relevant site Google finds (the site that would otherwise stand at the top of the search results page), simply click the I’m Feeling Lucky button.

On the other hand, users who want to see a full list of search results and want to make sure they’re using the best search terms can find some great options in the Advanced Search area, which is one of the few sections
of the Web site that boasts a link from the main page. This section offers special fields that help users better describe what they’re looking for. Keep in mind that each engine has a unique Advanced Search section. 

I Need More, More, More…
If you’re looking for Google’s other services and tools, click the More link on the main page. As with the main page, the More, More, More section is relatively clutter-free, so you won’t have much trouble tracking down the item you’re after. Although many features reside on this page, one particularly popular service isn’t present. Google’s Gmail, a beta email service that offers users more than 2GB of email storage, doesn’t have a link on either main page or the More, More, More section. You can access Gmail’s main page at gmail.google.com, but you’ll need an invitation to register an account.

Google Growth
Google’s main page rarely gains or sheds links, but Google pages may change as the company adds new tools. Although our graphics and descriptions are accurate as we go to print, you may discover some changes by the time you read this issue. Also, the titles of some of Google’s new features include “Beta,” which means they’re still at some (advanced) testing stage. That said, don’t ignore a Google tool simply because you’re waiting for the official release. After all, Gmail Beta has been around since 2004, and Froogle Beta started in 2002.

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